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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When you are in the know and has succeeded in reaching beyond the limitation of the going on in the physical anthropomorphous world on this planet call Earth and now has been welcome into the inner sanctum of our First Way Divine Cosmic Ancestors, they who have commissioned me to be regarded as Chief Elder in the know of the Long forgotten Knowledge and If I should allow those who have no knowledge about the hidden mysteries concerning the Black Divine Beings to trouble me, they now reduced to be referred to as Afrikan Human Beings, should I allow such to be the people to decide my worth on this Planet, then I forfeit my place among those now being given the Divine Knowledge about GOD, Universe and Life Self.

    If I should allow such blind going on to affect me, then I would be no different than those Afrikan Human Being who have problems with the Title I wear, it being Chief Elder, an insignia that imply vast Wisdom that extend beyond contemporary Afrikan Human Beings Belief about God, Universe, And the Lack of Knowledge of The Afrikan Human Being Self and such an error I will not make, by being sensitive about what Those Afrikan Human beings Think Of me as being referred to as Chief Elder and the knowledge I have been given to share with the, Not Afrikan Human beings, But The Black World, they with a potential of becoming Divine again.

    If I was to waver in that I have been given to know in order to compromise the deep Divine Wisdom and Knowledge given to me by our Ancient First Way Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, in order to please and appease a Afrikan Human Being People who no longer know the Meaning and Purpose of Life, not alone of GOD and the Universe, for me to become under such an Afrikan Human Being Spell, would in fact put me out of connection with our Ancient First Way Ancestors, they who assign to me all I am to know concerning God, Universe, and my Divine Black Life, a price to high to pay in order to be viewed on a lower level of Human Being Dimension, claiming to be Afrikan.

    If I was to disobey our Ancient First Way Divine Ancestors Teaching, in favor of the Profane teaching of the Afrikan Human Beings, those encapsulated in the vast Rituals, Ceremonies, Traditions, Customs, and habits of profane involvement, in order to have the ill advised Afrikan Human Beings to speak and believe about me which is in keeping with those Afrikan Human Beings belief concerning the Black so call Afrikan Life, to do so, mean that I must fore go the level of Divinity I have obtained again, just to be spoken of with a favor by the ill advised and now confused Afrikan Human Beings.

    If I would speak all Time in Favor of the attitude and behavior of the Afrikan Human Beings, then my spoken words would be no different than the present speaking that now and has been going on for a long Time, such have been the going on of the Transformed Afrikan Human Being, and my fate would be of that you see of the Afrikan Human Being today, all because there is no acceptance of a Higher Knowledge which has now come to the Human Beings, that which is capable, if adhered to, will Liberate the Afrikan Human Being Mind.

    If my Love for that Sacred Place call Afrika and those converted Afrikan Human Beings, if my Love was not of the Divine Love I have for us all, then I would be no different in attitude and behavior than that of theAfrikan Human Beings, a people who once held the Fire of Divine Knowledge in their Head.Mouth, and Hand.

    If I was an Afrikan Human Being Traditionalist, I would be of the Human Being Mind like that of the Afrikan Human Being, a Mind that is of the Human Beings, they that control and direct such a Mind in the Brand New Afrikan Human Beings.

    If I did not Know, then I would be of the same type of belief of the Afrikan Human Being and such a belief the Afrikan Human Beings carry, such do not rise to the level where Divine Information Flow with a mind Qualified to Receive such Divine Information and be used to act out and behave in such a way that the Black Life will be in a Divine Setting , enjoying the Peace and pleasure, Life has to present to you.

    If I did not know God, Universe, and my Black Self, then I would be a victim of the Afrikan Human Beings doctrine concerning God, Universe, And Life, allowing such a belief now being taught to carry the doctrine of the Human Being Proper, they with a history of abusing, lying, and deceiving the Black Being, with such being enough to convert and transform the once Black Divine Being to become an Afrikan Human Beings, now intoxicated wit the urge to practice Human Being Like Rituals, in the name of a God that is known not.

    If I did not know, then I would be a believer in the ways of the Afrikan Human Beings, ways and habits that has prove not to be the ways and practice of our Ancient first way Ancestors, they that carry the Divine Knowledge, Knowing What God Is, The Meaning Of The Universe, and with a knowledge of the Black Divine Self.

    If I did not Know then I would not be able to See the error of the Afrikan Beings Ways and action that do not preserve the Divinity of the Black once Divine Beings, but action that now have Afrika and the Afrikan Human Being in the present condition we now find the Brand New Afrikan Human Being in today, it being Proof that all that the Afrikan Human Being Believe in today about their Brand New Afrikan Human Beings selves, such serve to the detriment of an entire Black Nation putting us into a state of Afrikan Human Being Denial, so that we will not be able to remove the profane lies about the Habits, Traditions and Rituals, now being practice by the Brand New Afrikan Human beings, a People once Divine and now is in the life business of Lying, Deceiving, Cheating, conning, and Slaughtering each other.

    If I was not of a Higher Order under the direction of our Ancient First Way Divine Black Ancestors, serving as the Chief Elder over the Knowledge being revealed to me by our Ancient First Way Ancestors, they who bestowed such an Honor upon me, then I would not be attempting to reveal to the Brand New Afrikan Human Being the error of the now Afrikans Ways and the proof that all of the ways the Brand New Afrikans now are bowing to, such happen to be the ways of ignorance and defiance against the Divine Truth, in favor of the Profane Illusion which is full of Lies and Deception, a clear practice that is full of ritualistic traditions, created by the Devil themselves, those people that refer to themselves as Human Beings, they being bearers of the False Light, a light that now Blind the Brand New Afrikan Human Beings, they who once carried the Dark Glow of the Divine Truth, showing a path that end not, as It Make Its Round Into Infinity.

    If I was not with the abundance of Love for so call Afrika and the Newly converted Afrikan Human Beings, then I would not be led to point out the error of the Afrikan Human Beings way of life, a way that has the Afrikan Life at the brink of total self-destruction, which is now being orchestrated by Satan themselves, Lucifer, the Human Beings in the World, with a goal to control all that reside on this Planet Earth.

    If My Love is not Divinely Pure for Afrika and Black so call Afrikan People, then I would allow what you believe of me, affect me, thus causing me to be disobedient to our First Way Ancestors, so I choose to walk the lonely path of Divine Truth, locked in the Energy of our First Way Ancestors, as oppose to being self- destructive,coming from me being concern about your opinion of me.

    If I am to remain on the Divine Path, then I must continue to show up the error of the ways of the Brand New Afrikan Human Being, I choose to stay on the Divine Path.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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    As with All of Chief Elder Osiris missives and like minds: A MUST READ, then HEED, so we can SUCCEED.

    IF only our people knew exactly what the Only Human Being is, we would fetch our once Divine right mind-set, because it is the Divine right mind-set that is going to Liberate us, back to the Divine mind-set that knows Righteouness (Truth and reality) Harmony, Order, and Balance. That Divine mind-set even the enemies FEARS in a people.

    If we deisre our enemeis to flee, bow dow, shut up or all three, lets get in our once right Divine Mind-set and watch that Divine mind-set work for us, such a mind that even the enemies dare to reckon with. We will not Lose with what Is In a Divine right Mind-set. Try It. You will not just like It, you will Be loving It. After all that It, Is, Us and our Divine Life.

    Who is it among us that do not desire to know the other reality, Divne that is, which is the ALL FLAVORS Life SAVER?

    If It Is, So Be It.


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