Black Poetry : If You See


Jul 17, 2001
i did nothing against you
most everything for you
for no reason other than love
or, deep unselfish like if you will....

yet your repayment for what
has become my folly
was to misuse the aforementioned
bragging upon the simpleness with which you manipulated me....

a whispered promise here
an almost display of fraudulent affection there
how cruel a supposed nurturer
you turned out to be....

and now, you have your wish fulfilled
i'm to the curb, would
proclaim rather voraciously to your artistic co-horts
as your joviality belies my heartbreak....

i am down...but not out
bloodied, but unbowed
know that a spirit such as mine..shall never
illuminate your presence again....

and yet, for the harsh lesson learned-i thank you
because had i not encountered you, i could have
never understood why the word *****
is such an apt description!!!!

(c)2001 all rights reserved:toast:
This description fits you clearly! ha ha ha

Yeah, I know what you did to me

Was so selfish and wrong
And by the way no name calling
After what you've done

And in the words of Chris Rock

I don't believe that it is the right approach
But I understand you
The most
I understand you
I do

Difficult looking back
What goes around comes around

And the next time it will
Be someone crying for you
So don't be sad
Takes your concentration
Off of the things you need to do

And the longing is there
You better be ware
That it won't fade so quickly

And you'll wish that they were back
But then again you won't
And feel free
To do what you please

And you'll know they did you a favor
Because they weren't good enough
For you
In the beginning

All they could care less
About your feelings and emotions
Resulting a bitter cycle
Of destruction

And that you
Have reached the last straw
And they're treading on thin ice
But still you fall

And feel like you lost
And feel enraged
Because you care about them so much

I don't agree with this word that you use
But I understand
And wish
I could only
Hold you in my arms
And fill you with my charms
And soothe you inner soul
And make you dream dreams
Of shiny gold,and crystal visions fortold

That's what I would do
And me and you
Could relate on past mistakes
And kiss all your fears away
That's what I would do ....
Desert Storm


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