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Discussion in 'Black Poetry - Get Your Flow On!' started by flo-real, Apr 11, 2005.

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    I live in sacramento, CA
    I just want to say that we as a people need to step up to the plate when it comes to our emotions because someone's heart is a terrible thing to play with!
    Flo- Real

    It seems so hard to commit
    to take those inner most precious feelings and try to submit...them...to...you
    saying you love someone can be hard to do but by doing so, what have you got to lose
    especially when you know that they love you back
    instead of being a man and steppin to the challenge
    you find reasons to fight it, by being extra manish, so this is how you react
    I ask if you are ready for me to be your girl...you say no
    but are at my house everyday even if it means you going out of your way
    just trying to be a serious factor in my world
    making love to me everynight, & don't let me be in public with another man, then you bout ready to start a fight
    but your not ready for a woman at this moment right?
    behind closed doors we lovey dovey, and in the public you won't even kiss or hug me
    when your not home, it's funny how all of your people know where to call to find you
    what's up patna yo! you at flo's house? yea you know how I do!
    please spare me the wack lines that are heard from time to time.
    "I'm too busy"
    "I'm scared of being hurt again"
    "Im just not ready for another relationship"
    "I don't trust women"
    "I gotta reputation to uphold"
    "I will settle down when i'm 40 years old"
    even going and participating in family affairs and would get an attitude if you couldn't be there
    but I guess you were taught that playin with people's heart was fair
    because that's exactly what you are doing to me got me dangling, like a baby over the balcony not knowing wether I will live or die
    and you with your raw dealings, gettin close to my siblings, & toying with my feelings not making a choice between love or a lie
    why? do you want to be with me? you don't know? then why are you still here?
    when that thing called love... keeps you held down in fear
    playing sefish roullette with my heart when someone else desires to be in your spot holding me forever near
    they say it's a thin line between love and hate, but I feel it's a thick line between sharing emotions and being fake
    see it's 2k5 and still we as a people allow confusion to overtake us to this day.
    letting it rule out our soul's desire as if in anyway it's okay
    my brutha's and sista's I'm here to let you know that there is a betta way
    a simple I love you is all you have to say...
    breaking a heart daily to decipher whether you love or not is cruel and harsh
    it's the number #1 reason in america why so many women are behind bars.
    I can't say that I blame them, because this act of cruelty crept up on me... suddenly
    I found myself weighing in the balance, waiting to find out if he was my soulmate indefinately
    till one day he...just... stopped, and for a minute my heart dropped!
    because I heard that actions speak louder than words and he was definately by now an activist
    invoking much love action but still saying with his mouth that nuttin was happenin.
    but I thank god for allowing me...to set my mind free...& to let go easy.
    giving me strength to release the excess baggage of the situation
    and when it came to you walking away... in your step ...there was hesitation
    when in the first place all you had to say was... I love you!
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    love is a grand when it's treated correctly
    but can be a dismay if steped on
    i love ya , i love ya , i love ya !!!!

    well said and done the realism of life spoken within here.
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    Yes, you definitely flowed real with this one. Playing with feelings, playing with hearts and souls that are fragile, such an egotistical game. Well written flow.

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    love me or leave me alone
    day by day as we talk on the phone
    I cant wait till i get home

    Thanks for sharing much love.