Black People : If You Do Not Make Noise You Get No Oil.

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
If You Do Not Make Noise You Get No Oil

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

The old saying it's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil is true and does apply when being oppressed and prevented from enjoying freedom and your Black behind remain silent in expressing your dissatisfaction about the living condition you been placed in by acts of lying, deceiving capturing and enslaving with continued oppression, even when you have been told to believe that you now are free as if you can not define freedom for your Black Afrikan self and we Black Afrikans prove that to be the case by keeping silent about having the Divine Right to be Free and to have the quality of Freedom that has you with power and authority over the way you are to live and that is with having control over the way you will live.

Talking is in vain when with no intent to generate action to change the condition being talked about when those conditions cause you to be exposed to injustice, unjust dependency motivated by the behavior of Racism, discrimination and being lied too and deceived for the purpose to have you remain in a caste of believing inferiority complex.

Talking is just as nonbinding when what you are talking about is not giving you cause to fight for your freedom and/or when it is about the state of living in an oppressive condition and you ignore your responsibility to share with Black Afrikans what we must do to eliminate the oppressive condition we are living in and begin talking to black Afrikans about the results we are to look forward to and not what we are to do to reach the result that is to come from the action that is to cause your Liberation from the oppressive condition we now are experiencing as we live today, you calling your self a Black Afrikan activist concerned about the living condition of Black Afrikan people and Afrika.

I have shared with you information that informs us about how we got into the living condition we now are in but I will not share with you what we need to do to eliminate our oppressive condition on this WWW.imternet, not wise to do so,, you do that after freedom is won but you have other so call Black active who is not concerned about the total Liberation of Black Afrikan people and Afrika, they are out there telling you all kind of misaligned information that skip over what it is in sequence we must do to save a fast-dissolving Black Afrikan Nation and Afrika and you will be able to identify those Black Afrikans making claim to have the Black Afrikan people well being in mind giving you outlines about the after fact you are to experience but not about the actual things we are to do to reach the pinnacle of victory that justify us outlining how we are to Govern our Black Afrikan self in Afrika, we do that after freedom is our abode beloved.

To outline your steps to gain our freedom on public worldwide media is to inform Black Afrikan people that you are listening to somebody who has not Freedom as a goal for Black Afrikan people and Afrika, they do not have their Black behind on Freedom, just Lucifer indoctrinated integrated assimilated social goal to be in relationship with that racist Luciferian Human Being.
in America.

I have no more talking without the need for acton to share with Black Afrikan people and anybody talking to you without Freedom being the goal for Black Afrikans and Afrika, is doing no more than entertaining your Black behind and if you allow such to be of interest to you Black Afrikans, then Woe is you Black Afrikans and Afrika, Black Woman and Man!!!

Fighting for your Freedom is no civil rights activist performance, fighting for your Freedom is serious Liberating involvement beloved, it is about you enjoying the Greater Good-God accepted by you to become involved with, in a self acknowledging mental performance way, beloved.

Divine Respect

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