Chief Elder Osiris : If You Can Not Go Back Where it Count Divinely For Black People!!!!

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    If You Can Not Go Back Where it Count Divinely For Black People!!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, if Black People can not go back far enough in our lives where it count for our Divinity, then how can you come to the present, knowing that you have not always been a people who do not know the quality of Life that your body should be exposed to in this today world.

    Black people today just take it for granted that how we act and express ourselves in the world today, that it is only common that we do so, because the way Black people accumulate and process information today, it is no wonder that a once United Divine Black Nation can not process the thought that would verify that Black people are not Human Beings and that Religion is not our Spiritual code of conduct that is appropriate for Black People Lives today.

    If you can not go back far enough, where it count Divinely in favor of Black people, a Far Away Back Of Time In The Action Of Black People Lives, where that very Life was divinely Respected and was Lived Divinely, then how can Black People come to Know that the Black Life was not always a Life of victimization as we experience today, a Life without a Divine Cause and Sacred Reason for being.

    Beloved, a Life that is profanely squared and whose sacred and Divine Circle has been broken, such is a Life that no longer travel in the direction of the unbroken Circle of Infinity, but that Life has been influenced to travel the Linear angle of conformed limitation and to travel in such a Line, the path become overburden with a high density of people whose only objective is for themselves and not the collective selves, so you end up with a life that believe that such a life is in a normal environment and that the Black Life that is to not Live but survive, because to Live require that the Body Life be govern and Guided by Divine Spirits that is only made to be manifest by a Divine mind, and a Divine mind reveal to you what you are to Know and not Believe, because believing is only a quest to survive in Life, when Knowing is a desire to Live Divinely in life.

    Beloved, if you can not go back where it count Divinely for Black People-, then what is to prevent you from believing that living a life of conformity to other people belief about life, is not the normal progression of the Black Life way of living today?

    To be able to go back to where you have Mentally fell from, that require for you to reorganize your process of Mental involvement, it require for black people to come to realize that today, we know nothing that originally came forth from the Divine Mind of our Ancient First Way Cosmic Divine Ancestors, as a matter of fact, with the Mind that Black People wear today, it has refined the Mental agent that process the Energy of Information, which now have Black People believing and not Knowing a **** Thing about what we now talk about today.

    Yet Black people in our Ignorant Intelligence, we have become experts in mastering the Mental action of belief, and now, all that Black People talk about is grounded in what black people have read and is looking at, in order to form a profane opinion that misguide us into assuming that the conclusion we now reach about the Events of happening in Life, is True, a conclusion reached without the involvement of inserting not one Divine Thought.

    Well beloved, Divine Truth is verified only by Divine Thought, why? because such thoughts require a Divine process of profound reasoning, being Rational in the Mental exercise of your contemplation on the issue requiring such Mental action and you must be able to have your process of Mental action to be able to reach a Logical conclusion following the tenets of Divinity, which are, Harmony, Order, And Balance of thought over the course of your Mental Processing the Information related to the event or issue that caused the mental action.

    You can not come to determine what is Divinely True and Real, using the Human Being Mind, it is such a Mind that has been calibrated to Lie and Deceive in the presence of what is Divinely True and Real, so what Black People do? well we use as our predicate, the Institution Of The Human Being Religion, and its doctrine as a foundation upon which we form and build our thesis, in order to present the Flawed facts about the Divine Essence, that which we refer to as God, about both Universe, and about what constitute the facts about the origin of Life.

    Life has no origin in the physical plane, it serve as an attribute of Eternal Infinity, therefore you can not measure its quality as the Human Being has caused you to believe that you can, by setting up a Human Being Scale of Measurement of your body action, and categorizing those Human Being active qualities to be Moral and Immoral, when it is such a display that reveal the quality of your Spirit and not your Life, because Life is Divine and it is no more than Divine Energy in Motion, which apply to the physical.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    There are some Black Folks that make claim to be in possession of our Ancient Information and many of us can make claim to have learned to read the Hieroglyph, the question become, whose hieroglyphs are they? and at what distant of Far Away Life Time does it go, because if it has one tinge of Religion attached to it, then that is a sign that it has been altered and does not reveal the Divine Path of Life, to be more specific, the Black Divine Being Life.

    The Divine Theology Of Life Has No Physical Origin, its origin is Ethereal and it Dwell Within The Domain Of Eternal Infinite Existence.

    So when searching for the Mystical dimension Of Motion, you must be able to travel the Eternal Infinite Of That Space without a glaring illumination, causing that Divine Dark Energy, for it to be of the Divine Essence, Out Of Which All Matter Flow.

    No, No Beloved, not until we retrieve our Divine Mind, which is a method of processing all information that is visible and invisible, but yet is always present, not until then, will we come to be in the possession of Knowing the Divine truth about the Mysticism Of Life, that which we today, Believe to be the Truth about life, God, and the Universe and yet do not know.

    Belief Get You Nothing but a pass to confusion and will cause you to appear to be wise in the wake of your Ignorant Intelligence, and it is that intelligence, that today have Black People appearing to be well satisfied and happy in our misery, as we operate in the Human Being mind, the Mind that prevent a Black United Nation from becoming our today Modus Operandi, because it is that Mind that prevent the Liberation Of Black People and is what cause Afrika not to be Afrika anymore, as Black People sit on our Docile Behind Skinning and Grinning, Verbally abusing and physically abusing each other, as we make claim to be Goddess and Gods In This Life, never to have the self respect to refer to ourselves as we were formed to be, which are Divine Beings and not Profane Lying and Deceiving Human Beings, a Trait Black People now have in our possession and practice it very well against each other.

    So Yes, If You Can Not Go Back, Where It Count Divinely For Black People, Then You Will Never Know That What We have Become To Be, A Human Being People and that such is not common to Black People, you who once were Divine Beings, Revealing Divine Spirits.( attitudinal behavior)

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]