Black People : If You Are Black With A Negro Objective

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
If You Are Black With A Negro Objective, Freedom Is Not A Goal Of Your Desire!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

I am a Black Afrikan Nationalist who is very comfortable with the quality of information that I know and share with Black Afrikan people, so why should I be concerned with what the believing negro has to say and presume about me because of my directness and free critical thinking mind that has liberated me from conscious condemnation about opinions that comes from the Negro believers, you who are conformist to the phi;osophy and opinion of that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being.

I do not conform to evil spirits and religious believers opinion, especially to the secondary minded profane infrrmation the Black Afrikan Negro conditioned to be the mental agent that copy everything that white Racist, Devilish, Satanic Lying Deceiving Luciferian Human Being has educated the Black Afrikan Negro to believe and remember all that is being taught about God, Life, the Universe, and the self of the Black Afrikan Negro, such an education qualify the Black Afrikan Negro to become the Educated believer such mental conditioning mentally construct the Black Afrikan Negro to become totally submitted to that white racist Luciferian Human Being and we wear such mental conditioning as a crown of religious deliverance.

So no, hell no, my quality of Divine Mind does not submit to what an educated religious believing mind presume about me, which show the level of Mental illness the Black Afrikan Negro suffers from today, so no, I do not concern myself with what the negro believing religious mind regurgitate showing a diet of believing and not Thinking Divinely.

As long as Black Afrikans are religious believers, you do not know what God Is, so all of the believer's discussion about Religion is a lie in deceit, beloved.

My motivation for sharing the Divine Truth is not to get a discussion response from Black Afrikan people whose motivation is not Freedom and any Black Afrikan who is not motivated to fight for Black Afrikans and Afrika Freedom, is with the Mind that white Racist is in control of today, the mind that has no respect for the Divine Truth and does have Black Afrikans living wanting just a better way of living and to be in possession of that only a Luciferian Human Being Mind have you in pursuit of which rise to no more than the level of secondary privileges, never seeking the utopia of living which is Freedom, Justice, And Independence.

Beloved Black Afrikan People, if all that the profane calibrated Mind now Guiding Black Afrikans do is have you to believe and be subject to the so call Moral scale of Lucifer educated teaching to a nonthinking mind and you rebel not nor strive to become a Divine Black Cosmic Universal Thinking Being again, then there is nothing qualified coming from Lucifer believing mind that qualifies you to be in a Mental position to advise and consent about anything that is for a Thinking Mind to consume which will have you fighting for freedom, beloved.

A believing mind is not qualified to comprehend the caliber of information being shared that is Divine with Black Afrikan people, A Thinking Mind has no relationship with a believing mind, the two mental actions are diametrically opposed to each other, the profane mind believing in fantasy and the Divine mind knowing the reality of the power of Rational Logical Thinking.

Therefore, to the desired to be a Thinking Black Afrikan Again, you have the respectful responsibility to your Black Afrikan self to not be persuaded by the profane believing mind you see attempting to challenge the Divine Truth and has nothing to share with you that you do not already believe and belief is a Demon to your Black Afrikan self, beloved.

You see, education is a believing process of the profaned believing mind and Learning is a Divine Thoughtful Method that has you to know what is needed to be known by Black Afrikans in order to have Afrika to become a Kingdom again and the Black Afrikans have the responsibility to have a United States Of Afrika Government Governing Black Afrikan People In Afrika, which can only be by the Black Afrikan people becoming a Unified Black Afrikan Nation again in Afrika, in this evil world we Black Afrikans must become Divinely First Again, beloved!!!

In Order To Obtain Freedom For The Black Afrikans And Afrika, There Must Be A Reparation/Repatriation Campaign Conducted By Black Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afrikans Garveyites, Beloved.

The One Issue That Is Capable to Represents Black Afrikans Freedom Is Our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and to be successful in collecting our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, The Black Afrikans must engage in attending a Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat and Divine Spirituality Has No Relationship With Lucifer Religion And All Religion Is Of That Luciferian Human Being Mind!!!

Divine Respect
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