Black People : If You Are Black Afrikan And It Is Not For The Greater Good For You, Then It Ain't No Concern Of Yours!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Philosophy And Opinion Of Lucifer The Human Being Does Not Fit Squarely In The Circle Of Divinity And Must Be Rejected Without Self Guilt!!!
The Philosophy And Opinion Of Divine Beings Are That Which Come From The Dark Divine Energy Intelligent Mind And Fit Squarely In The Circle Of Divinity, Such Serve To Be The Divine Combination Of Divine Truth And Reality, Which Awareness Is Of The Divine Thinking Mind.
So, Consider This:
If You Are Black Afrikan And It Is Not About The Greater Good For You, Then It Ain't No Concern Of Yours!!!
Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
Forget about your educators, it's all about them and not about you the educated, so you need to wean your Black self from being so submissive to the ways and activities of your oppressors and become your own self instructor for Learning, using your own organic mind.
The Black Thinking Afrikan must follow the path of the strongest resistance and become a friend to your self, trusting those who support your goals of desire, you must become the window of life living that you look to see through Black Afrikan Woman and Man.
You must become your own primary focus in the activity of living, your aim and goal must be to benefit you Black collective Afrikan people, fear must be generated to be of others of you and not you of them who show you no respect.
The reason for living is to Enjoy Life to live and anybody who interferes with that natural process is your enemy and deserve not your trust and respect.
You must learn again to live for the greater good to come to you Black Afrikan Woman and Man, your presence deserve honor and not abuse, you do not abuse the Divine Essence, God, you with Great affection Acknowledge with Divine Respect the divine Essence, God Of Us All.
So, you Black Cosmic Divine Universal Being, You are the Direct Descendant From the Holy Sacred Dark Energy Intelligence, having you to be the primary physical living Descendants from the Divine Essence, God Of Infinite Existence and second to nothing that is and live to be in the physical and appear not to be physical, the Divine Essence, God Is The Supreme Excellency Of Divine Infinite Intelligence With No Expiration Nor Beginning Date.
Therefore, If You Are Black Afrikan And It Is Not About The Greater Good For You, Then It Ain't No Concern Of Yours and you live for the Greater Good Of Your Collective Black Divine Selves, Individuality is the Demon To The Family Collective Living, it weaken the Mind, Body, and Spirit of You Physically Living To Be as you are Divinely Designed To Be, Black Divine Woman And Man!!!
So, take a look at yourself and become qualified to see your Black self as Lucifer has redesigned you to behave, such a present self of Black Afrikans are living to be of no Greater Good to the Black self and when there is no Good to be of your Black Self, you Live to be a Slave to other than your self, beloved.
Freedom must always be the symbol of your Black self, it is the insignia of the Infinite Universe, the castle wherein reside the Divine Essence, God Of Us All, and if you are Black living without Freedom, you no longer carry the spark of your Mental Divinity and a Mind not Divine is of that racist unjustified Luciferian Human Being, a mind born in Sin and Shape in Inequity, making claim never to have been perfect and an imperfect mind is without Divine qualities and today if it ain't about your Black Divine Self and you refuse to make it be again, then you live for and to the glorification of that racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being!!!
Your Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation Represents Freedom For The Black Afrikan Race Today, without our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, Afrika will be A Kingdom No More And The Black Afrikan Race will Live Without The Spark Of Our Divinity, remaining to confess to being a Human Being which Lucifer is the Creator Of, Beloved.
Divine Respect

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