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    If You Are A Believer And Not A Thinker, You Are not To Be Trusted About What You Say

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Black people have resolve to become a Nation of gossipers, taking no thought for what we Say, not even about ourselves, and when you can't bring your self to be trusting and serious about your self, then why should others have trust in what you say and do in life.

    Because you see, we are all soul, mind, and body, that is where the oneness of Black people stop, and where there is not a oneness in what we Think about ourselves, the out come from such a division is what you now are looking at, concerning the condition of Africa and Black People today.

    So tell me, if we are not to be allowed to determine the quality of each other, by what you are not Thinking about, and is a believer about God, Universe, and Self, then why should we not take you serious about what you believe, but take you to be serious about what you say, such present a person that is self conflicting in how the life of you the believer, is being lived.

    If you are a believer in your religious God and all of your life action is used to convince all others, that what you believe is True, and is what others should believe, why should I trust you, concerning that you say, that which conflict with what you believe.

    You see, a believer is one that is not confidence in what is claimed to be believed about, concerning life.

    A believer is not a creative Thinker, and a creative Thinker, is not a believer, the two is not akin to each other, because one require not the facts to support the mind action in what is believed to be true, while the other represent the facts that support the mind action in what you Think To Know To Be The Divine Truth.

    Belief is supported by uncertainty, while creative Thinking is based upon knowing that which you are certain about, by the use of profound reasoning, being rational, and being logical in the process of your Thinking.

    So no. do not mislead the people by asserting that they should not look at what one believe to determine what the believer say is True or not, or whether or not the believer is to be trusted, when in fact, by believing, the believer does not trust its self to Think, which will have you to know what is Divinely True and what is profanely a lie.

    Therefore, you can conclude that the believer is not to be trusted to give you the facts about anything that the believer is telling you, but you can logically assume, what the believer is telling you, that is what the believer believe about that which the believer is informing you about.

    It is the believer that is not to be trusted to tell you the Divine Truth about the state of the Black Afrikan life condition and what needs to be done to Divinely change such a Black life condition.

    I do not subscribe to the saying, " Do Not As I Do, But Do As I Say You Should Do", there is nothing that is profoundly Reasonable, Rational, and logically in such advise, not to a Divine Creative Thinker, but to a believer, it is believable to do just as the statement is advising you to do, and therein lies the problem of Black People, we who have been made to be believer in life and not creative Thinkers about Life.

    When you are unable to speak factual about God, The Divine Essence, and about the Universe, and about your self, then why should you be believed about anything else that you say to the believers that follow you and trust what you say is true.

    Because you see, it is the Divine Thinkers that know whether what the believer say is Divinely True or not, therefore the believer is unable to tell the facts about life that the creative Thinkers do not already know to be Divinely True, or is a Profane clever Lie.

    Today Black people, we have become a people of gossipers, who love to hear themselves talk about that which Black People have come to believe, concerning everything that Black people gossip about.

    Because you see, a gossiper is one with a lazy mind and just love to talk about what has already been talked about, so the gossiper does not ever talk about anything that is not already been revealed by those who caused the action, that now have you gossiping about it.

    The gossiper find themselves going around in a circle of repetitive talk, that which is without the foundation of Creative Thinking, just the doubt of belief, made to appear and sound as if what is being gossiped about, is coming from a mind endowed with the ability to creative Think, a mind that give you the ability to know about the facts that have caused the action that is now being talked about.

    Divine creative Thinkers do not gossip, they Profoundly reason with each other, always seeking the Divine Truth about the subject being reasoned about, not so with the believer, they rather gossip, hyped in their irrational emotion, about what they do not know, and they want others to believe what they are gossiping about is the truth, which is based upon what they have been told, concerning the subject being gossiped about.

    Beloved, it is the fool who trust someone who believe one way and tell you about a way that the believer is not the believer in what you are being told to believe is true, and yet you are told what the believer is telling you, is the fact of the matter that is conflicting with what the believer believe about the self of the believer way of life living.

    You must observe the life of someone religious, and the way that someone believe about God, The Divine Essence, before you determine whether to accept what that religious believer is telling you, and what the religious believer is telling you, should you accept it to be Divinely true.

    You must be qualified to know if what the believer is is telling you to believe is the fact of the matter, while the fact of the matter is conflicting with what the religious believer believe about the self of the believer.

    Beloved, wherever there is inconsistency between what the religious believer believe and what the religious believer is telling you to believe, and it is conflicting with what the religious believer believe, then know, whatever the religious believer is telling you, it need to be carefully examined by you the creative Thinker, in order to be able to determine the facts about that which is being told to you by the religious believer.

    You see beloved, if a religious believer is teaching you something that is conflicting with that religious believer belief, and is telling you to believe that what is being told to you is the fact of the matter being told, then know, that you are listening to a mental deranged religious believer.

    The religious believer carry a psychological imbalance any how, and it is that imbalance that is prompting the religious believer not to know the difference between fact and fiction, or to ignore the difference.

    It is the religious believer who despise the Divine Truth, a Truth that demand that you Creative Think and not to profanely believe, because belief is a mental system that have the believers loving to gossip, instead of speaking the fact of the matter being gossiped about.

    Religious belief is gossiping without the Divine Truth as its foundation, and gossiping is Ego based, with its companion of Envy and Jealousy to sustain such a profane spirit, giving not one ****, about what is Divinely True, always satisfied to be just the puppet to the puppeteer, the creator of your religious belief and is the master of your Black oppression.

    The religious believer is not to be trusted when telling you about that which the religious believer does not know, because not to know, is to gossip about that which you only believe, and in belief, there is the presence of doubt, and doubt has no place in Knowing the Divine Truth about your self and about the Divine Essence, and the Physical and Infinite Universe, out from which flow, the Divine Truth about all there is to know about, concerning all things;

    That Are To Be, and Is To Be Not, But Is In A State Of Infinite Existence.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected],
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    I cannot tell you, my Elder, what love I feel for you.

    This contribution is getting printed, I have a specific black soul that is in need of this right now. Thank you so very much for taking the time and energy for this.

    Mutual love, peace and respect.

    - Ikoro
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    If anyone wants to question the author of this post I'd like you to refer to the dictionary definition of believe:

      /bɪˈliv/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [bi-leev] Show IPA verb, -lieved, -liev⋅ing.
    –verb (used without object)
    1. to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully.

    quoted from

    So, if you've considered yourself or consider yourself a believer you might want to ask yourself the question "why?"

    Consider KNOWLEDGE as a worthy principle to live by. :wink:

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    Surely this is all "Overstood" ...Maat has been sealed! :bowdown: