Black Poetry : IF U WILL.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
All i want is to hear u sing
feel your thoughts inside my dream

Given a chance to caress u right
shower u in love throughout da night

Display my heart to sho i care
hear my voice to let u know i'm there

Touch u gentle , ever so sweet
tenderly listen intently as u speak

Kiss u wit a tongue twist
fulfill ya deep desires in glist

Call ya name on the mountain top
live in yo world and never stop
be yo Kang yo rock

Be yo protector from any harm
whisper sweet hush be yo lucky charm
as u lay within my arms

If u will
and bring da peace be still
as our fate of love is seal
i'm into u dat's on da real

If u will.
I will be your M&M
the kind that melts in your mouth and not in your hand
I will reach the very mountaintops to see if my love will follow
I will be all the other women couldn't be to you
I won't offer you the world but I can offer the realness of a
good woman
Baby I'm not rich but for you I would work hard for you
Give you
what you need the most
and its not about giving you my body
But Rich giving you my soul
and that is something I have to give
To look into your eyes its like gazing at a million stars
Because the twinkle in your eyes carries me thru the
Day and night
So baby yes I will be all you need and more
Come home baby for your Queen awaits her King
I want you to hold me tight and never let me go
I want to show
You how I want to make love to a wonderful piece of art
Let me use your brush to strokes scenes that has never been created
Doused me with your paint love
as we both lean back on this Picasso you and I have created
All this is for you cause you know
I will...........


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