Black Spirituality Religion : If some thing is impossible to you, - don’t apply it to omnipotent God

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    If some thing is impossible to you, - don’t apply it to omnipotent God

    Soul is subtle and unless you isolate subtle – from the visible item first,
    How can you isolate unimaginable God – from the subtle soul? It is only
    A training for future, God in human incarnation – is beyond subtle soul.
    Unimaginable is very near to subtle, - soul in human incarnation is said
    To be His abode in this sense, - otherwise, God pervades all over bodies,
    All the three bodies, Atman, - Jeeva and gross body are pervaded by Him.
    Devotees want to see, touch and serve Him – directly and for them only
    He came down; nothing is impossible – for Him being omnipotent God.
    If you say that He cannot pervade - gross body, He is not omnipotent.
    Omni potency does not mean that He – does every thing, it means only
    That He can do anything but He does – that, which is justified only,
    Satisfaction of devotees is justified, - He satisfies them in this way.
    Who are you to say that God doesn’t – come in human form here?
    If some thing is impossible to you, - don’t apply it to omnipotent God.
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    Nothing be impossible for the Father on High; I like that it's stated, "[it] does not mean He does everything[(as to say, it doesn't mean everything anyone would ask)], but that He can do anything, and He does that which is justified [and Holy]."

    The Holy Son has taught us this, when He came as sacrifice for our sins, as a Shepard to those looking for light but dwelling in darkness. There is nothing that the Father can't do as He brought to life the Holy Anointed Son by resurrection on the third day, as He prophesied to all faithful. If we keep faith in teh Son and believe His words, which will never pass away, we'll know how awesome the power of the Father is, and won't be blind to His Way. :)