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    **** if only if I knew that if the right man comes it might be you, and it might not be, **** is it me? because it can't be.
    **** if only the world knew Sadaam was the least of what the country had to look into.
    **** if only you thought twice before popping off ya bullets and taking a lie, just might of helped you but **** jail is now what compells you.
    **** if only you was on birth control you wouldnt have sold ya soul now its one tiny baby you hold but then again you neva learned cause 9 months lata you have 2 chiren.
    **** if only in time I studied hard to find the diploma in my right hand but to the point of my knowledge I Can't get into college because im doped out on Mary J like erryday.
    **** if only the words of today could have helped you in any way cause off to hell for you is what the preacher say.
    **** if only my heart knew that to look for a friend in you before I slept with you now i'm stuck with a life long disease that's keeping me lonley AIDs is why i'm done got **** now I realize I'm not the only one thats why im sayin to myself right now **** IF oNly.......

    By: Angie C.
    A.K.A :new:
    Ladie of Words​
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    welcome welcome welcome !!!

    welcome to poetic playground
    welcome to the new home u just found
    welcome from above as i bless u some love
    tyte scribe u vibe feelin da flow
    just to say those little stars are words on our banned list
    do read our rules and see the banned words list
    we try to keep it as clean and sweet so happy to feel ya vibe
    flow on ! :new: :huh: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: