Black Poetry : If Only You Could See (Response to garlicsalt99's "If Only You Would Have Me")


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Dec 10, 2007
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I am yours if only you could see
that the best things in life are not always free
To love you unconditionally is my mission and desire in life
To celebrate who you are as a man and to complement you as your wife

All I ask for in return is that “forever plus a day” kinda love
For you to reminisce about how I put it down last night and what else I’m capable of
I want you to yearn for the soft touch of my hand and the gaze of mine eyes to thee
I need you to want each and every, whole, incomplete and magnificent part of me.

I am yours and have always been since the day our two worlds collided
If it were up to me you were gonna be mine…it was official…I had decided.
My heart aches because I can’t express the full breadth of my passion for you
The distance that separates our beings is unbearable but for now we have to make do

Until the time comes when we can be as one
I’ll continue to hold you up and cherish the prize that I’ve won

You are:
The light in my moon,
The water in my creek
The security in my blanket
The strength when I’m weak

You are:
The oxygen in my tank
The liquor that makes me drunk
The laughter in my prank
The P in my funk!

I have chosen to love you til the end of time even if we are to never be
Open your eyes to what’s in front of you because I’m yours if only you could see.
This was quite touching, and had endearing lines that made me smile as well, such as this verse:

LovesDestiny said:
You are:
The oxygen in my tank
The liquor that makes me drunk
The laughter in my prank
The P in my funk!

This was a great response to garlicsalt's piece, as well as being a well written scribe in and of itself.


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