Black Poetry : If Only For One Night


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Though it seem s as if destiny has kept you from me
I can’t help but wondering what life with you might be
Your smile and tender kiss
Together forever in wedded bliss
Yet fate had other plans
Would not let you enter into my heartland
And I ask the question why
Your love I must be denied
Longing for you so long
Yet your love now is but a fleeting song
If I could just kiss you it may ease the pain
If I could just hold you it may stop the rain
For my love for you has never ceased
And my wondering of what might have been has increased
I want to see you and hold you in my arms and love you if only for a night
I want to walk with and serenade you under the moonlight
A dream realized
Our passions edified
Hearts together if only but a short time
For one night I would be yours and you would be mine.
beautiful, bishop!

...only because i the mood, forgive me B!...

i oft times want to deam
destiny...mean, because we see
life as we want it to be...
sharing smiles of joy
kisses of happiness
a forever golden ring of marital bliss
...i dare not miss
but, fate and destiny wont allow
two to explore heart felt vibes
that mystify the mind...
as clouds shift in the sky
so does the love of you flies...

but for a soothe your pain
umbrella the rain
to feel love's sunshine
and snuggle in its moonlight
desires unmet...satisfied
...if just for one night

seeing you...
being enveloped in your arms
to be loved by you
...if only for a night

walking with you...
singing love's verse
as the stars and moon

if just...
for one night...

make sure the ink don't run out of that pen!


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