Black People : If men are dogs then what about the women?

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    May 24, 2003
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    I was asked “If men are dogs then what about the women?” Well, what about them? A woman can be as much as a dog as a man can be. Just because she is a women does not mean that she can’t have doggish characteristics. Some men see women as cats. They tend to say we are sneaky and can get away with a lot of things, cleanliness is a must, we love attention, we always land on our feet, and all of our needs is pampered to like a spoil little house cat. In some cases that is true, but not in all.
    Some women go around sleeping with every man they come across and when they get called out their name, they get mad. What is the point of getting mad over something you know you do? If you have ever watched dogs when they are in heat, you notice there is only one female dog with about eight or nine other male dogs running behind her. Even today females go out and sleep with every good looking and financially stabled men or should we say “The Whole Guarantee Satisfaction Package Deal” and end up getting pregnant.
    Back in the day when a woman got pregnant out of wedlock she was ashamed to even show her face, but now it is different. Women today will get pregnant and carry nine or ten different men on national television talk shows such as: Jenny Jones, Maury, and Ricki Lake for a paternity test. Then when you get there you hear all of then sit up there and say “I ain’t the baby daddy”, “That baby don’t look nothing like me”, and the most famous line “She a ho” you get mad and for what? Because you couldn’t keep your legs closed. What really gets me is that he can sit up there and call her every name in the book and complain about she a ho. You knew she was a ho before you even slept with her. So why would you sleep with someone when you already know what they are? After the show she goes back out there doing the same thing and the same men, and what does she have to show for it; six different babies for six different men and six different tapes from your national television paternity debut which half of that was successful.
    Have you ever notice when a female dog gets pregnant there is not a single male dog to be found? That’s how it is when any female gets pregnant from chicken heads to hood rats even to successful businesswomen. Their men scatter like roaches in a project kitchen when the light come on in the middle of the night. The way I see it is, before you go and criticize any man about being a dog you should ask yourself are you one. Don’t be a trick that every ***** done treat.
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    Wow that was very interesting! For every man that is a dog there is atleast two women to be one with him. Women aren't as careful as we think becasue there is that one bestfriend who has to be told that tells her "OTHER BEST FRIEND" all the bizz and now everyone knows. A woman usually won't give a man the time of day unless he's been with a woman who can validate is RESUME for him. Men get reaction from women becasue of word of mouth. They don't have to say anything as long as there is some woman talking about what he can do which most likely ain't true anyway. Being a "HO" isn't worth the humilation that comes with it. I guess if you choose the having a baby benefit package, riding the coat tail of a man who don't want the dependants you should check to see who's riding it with you!