Chief Elder Osiris : If It Does Not Affect Me Personally, It Ain't About Me !!!

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know my dear precious hearts, my purpose is to get the AfroDescendants to do something that we have not done in approximate four hundred years and that is to think without being coached by somebody other than ourselves and to use that mind that would be generated by that independent effort of thinking.

    To train ourselves to do such independent thinking, will put us on the Divine path to Freedom, Justice, Self - Respect and Independence.

    The problem with " Black americans ", is that we rather want than have and such a mental defect, only serve to secure our place on this Planet as want-a-be's instead of I Am, and there lay the crutch of the AfroDescendants problem in the Diaspora, whose Ma and Pa was brought here against their will.

    Here we are, the so call African, AfroDescendants we have become, still having problems of finding our place in this world, still not knowing how to refer to ourselves as Beings, those Beings who are the direct descendants of those Africans that were Enslaved as Chattel.

    We have resolved to be satisfied as people wanting change, instead of demanding Justice and we are not ashamed to have allowed ourselves to be stratified into two societies, here in america, one being White and one being Black, with one having authority and being in control over the other and that other happen to be that Black Society.

    It is the society that has such control, which dominate and set the social priorities for the depending society, which is the Black society in america.

    The problem with the two societies in america, one being White and the other being Black, is one is not equal to the other, just servants one to the other, so if you do not control anything and have no authority over our life, then we are servants to those who have such power.

    By Black folks being in such a condition as described in america, we have taken on the persona of a fool.

    We now religiously take on the attitude behavior of, if it does not affect me personally,then it isn't about me, in other word, it is all about me and not you and to harbor such a benign attitude, which allow the condition we now face in america as we will continue to be always ranting and chanting about change and not Justice.

    Such rants and chants is what cause our young Black men to becoming extinct, as the White society has declared war against our Black Male Babies as we follow along imitating that action against ourselves, how foolish have we become.

    We run to an unjust system,yelling for Justice, not demanding it. We criticize an inept educational system, which is numbing our young Black brains, instead of seeking freedom where we can construct our own educational system.

    Oh yes my dear beloved, with the attitude of, if it does not affect me personally, then it isn't about me, make us to become an ally to our own demise as Black people.

    We rather depend on others for work, than to create work for ourselves, we foolishly adopt the social immorality of somebody else standards rather than establish our own morality , all because of that foolish attitude, if it does not affect me personally, it isn't about me.

    Everything each of us do and encounter, affect each and every one of us, whether we like it or not, such is our connection, which we played no part in such a design.

    Such an attitude clearly reflect our ignorance about the Universe and how it operate. All of its body parts are directly affected by the action of each other, as they all rotate and revolve in their own Sphere, as they acknowledge and submit to the dominant power, as it justly guide them along their assigned path in the Universe.

    Oh Cosmic Carbon Being, you no longer know your place within the universe of Hue - Manity, nor do you know the power and order of which you should be functioning and because of such ignorance, we beg rather than have, we crawl rather than stand, as we settle for change over justice, civil rights over Hue - Man Rights and mental slavery over mental freedom, all because, as a society of beggars, we spawn the attitude of, if it does not affect me personally, it isn't about me, making us to be a Dead Nation Crawling !!!

    If it isn't about the Truth, then it is about the Lie.

    Therefore I am committed to Condemning The Lie And Elevating The Truth. Let The Devil Be Damned !!!

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation