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    If It Ain't About Reparation It Ain't About Afrika And Black Folks Liberation

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    So tell me beloved, what does Black Folks have to talk about that has Divine Meaning and Substance, if it ain't about Reparation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, and to discuss Reparation, you have to discuss the Institution that held them captive in America Diaspora, that Chattel Slavery Institution that was religiously practiced by those other people with a History of Enslaving our Afrikan Ancestors, a fact that can not be Divinely denied.

    So why is all of the talk about who was responsible for our Ancestors Enslavement, the fact is, that they were Enslaved, and they did put up a helluva Fight against the Enslavers, do not allow anybody to play with your head about who is responsible for our Ancestors Enslavement, it was the Europeans and Americans who created and enforced the Institution of Chattel Slavery and such a Story about our Afrikan Ancestors must not be left up to what you read about that event in Time, you must use your Divine Mental ability to deduce from all of the misinformation being floated around about the event of that Time, which is the cause for Black People en mass, being in the Diaspora against our will.

    Against our Will is very importantly linked to our Enslaved Ancestors, because they did not voluntarily seek passage on any of those white folks ships at that Time and what strategy the Devil used to entice our people to cooperate with them, does not take away the evil that was involved in the act of Enslaving our Afrikan Ancestors.

    Tell me beloved, why is it so easy for Black Folks to get distracted from the Central cause of Black Folks problem, it is as if there are some black Folks who spend all of their Time in trying to exonerate White Folks from the Evil that they have done to Black so call Afrikan People, we love to concentrate on things that are irrelevant to the things we need to be doing to Unite Black so call Afrikans, and to Liberate Afrika, because not until such Time, will Black people become a Divine Reality again, without our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, then there is no Rise with Dignity for Black Afrikan People in the World today, a world that has been successful in causing Black People to become Paranoid Schizophrenia, yes, Mentally Ill.

    There was untold Millions of our Afrikan Ancestors who lost their lives fighting to remain in their House, Chattel Slavery was not based upon entrepreneurialship, Chattel Slavery was no contractual agreement with the Black Afrikan Nation, Black Folks were at war against Chattel Slavery, and just as you have Traitors today against our Enslaved Ancestors, for opposing the right of our Enslaved Ancestors to Reparation, we had Traitorous Black Afrikans back then and now, playing the Judas Role, bargaining our Ancestors Lives with the Evil Slave Hunters, for Rum and other White Folks goods, many was forced to assist the Slave Hunters, because of the sophistication of their Weaponry at that Time, but that does not erase the fact that the creation of that Devilish Institution, Chattel Slavery, was the brain child of White Folks.

    I am one who do not concern myself with what part we played in that Evil Action of Enslaving our Ancestors, what I do know, is that we are here in the Diaspora without Traveling Documents and that the creators of that Evil Institution, Chattel Slavery, is indebted to our Enslaved Ancestors and that their Children Have an obligation to collect what is owed to their Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, by the payment of Reparation and that their Children have an obligation to take our Enslaved Ancestors Back Home To Afrika, and they becoming the next established State in Afrika, and Afrika becoming a Sovereign Continent again.

    Black People today can find all sort of things to talk about that has nothing to do with Uniting the Black Nation and Liberating Afrika, and as long as Black People remain divided and Afrika remain under occupation by Foreign Invaders, there is nothing we can Talk about that has substance, and Merit to be talked about, because it will not be about the need for Black Folks Freedom from America and Afrika being for the Afrikans.

    The Number One Issue that should be on the tongue of Black People today, is our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, what else is there for Black People to talk about, that has the potential of Uniting the Black Afrikan World again, and having Afrika to become Afrika again?

    Everything that Black Folks talk about concerning our Body Life Living Condition and is indicating a want for change, but need to desire such a change, the solution to all of Black Folks Problems, reside in the Dynamics of Reparation, nothing is more qualified to Unite The Black Nation and to have Afrika to be for the Afrikan, than Reparation is.

    So why is it that Black Folks so call Leaders are Afraid of the issue, Reparation, I will tell you why, because it represent our Return Home as the next established State in Afrika and with Black People being enclosed back to our Divine way of Thinking, the Black World will become as it should be, the United Guiding Black Energy Force, capable of defeating the profane way of Life that now possess the Mind of Black People today.

    So all that we talk about today and is informing Black People about what is happening in the world today, and those happening are being caused by Lucifer action, such information do not have the dynamics to Liberate Black People and Afrika, only Reparation is endowed with that Divine Power, but you know beloved, in order to see that Reality, Divine that it is, you have to had reclaim your Divine Way of Thinking, which will put you into a Divine Spirit that will qualify you to be able to cause the payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Beloved, Reparation is Black Folks Magnet, it has an energy field that consist of the Spirit of our Enslaved Ancestors and that is why it is not an impossible task, in Demanding Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Beloved, you can not look your way to believe what I am sharing with you today concerning Reparation, you must be qualified to see what I am sharing with you concerning Reparation, in order to know what I am sharing with you today,concerning the Sacred and Sanctity of Reparation, and that is why it is the foolish believing Afrikan who oppose our Enslaved Ancestors receiving their Reparation.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    All of the Energy Spirit of Black Folks, and it must be a Divine Spirit, has the capacity of power, to cause Reparation to be paid to our Enslaved Ancestors, they serving us out from the bowel of our Genetic Helix, to be our protector and Motivator in our quest to obtain their Reparation, which they Divinely Earned and deserve.

    Now is the Time to flood the Mind of Black People with the Divine Reason and Meaning of Reparation, Now!

    We must know the Time to strike the Iron of Evil and Profanity, which is at the Time it is most vulnerable to the force of the Divine Spirit of Black People, and now is that Time, Beloved.

    The Time is out for frivolous Talk, now is the Time for all serious Reparation advocates to Gather themselves to make preparation for unifying the Black Nation and to reclaim Afrika, and only through Reparation will that happen, beloved.

    Reparation is not about America, it is about our Enslaved Ancestors, the Unity of Black People, and Afrika!!!

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]