Chief Elder Osiris : If It Ain't About Afrika It Ain't About Black People Freedom!!!

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    If It Ain't About Afrika It Ain't About Black People Freedom!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Without The Demand For Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation And The Ransom Our Sisters And Brother In Haiti Paid To France by force, And We Receive What Is Justly Owed To Our Ancestors, Freedom Will Continue To Be A Stranger To Black People, And Only In Afrika, Will Freedom Greet Us Black People With Divine Respect

    You Can Take What Is About To Be Shared With You, Or Leave It As Is, The Choice Is Yours, Without It Being An Offense or Pleasure To Me, Only You Will Suffer The Consequence Of The Choice You Make Regarding This Missive, Beloved..

    Not until Black people get serious about our Blackness, will we become serious about our Freedom, because our Blackness refers to Freedom, yet has been made to represent captivity, and the sad part about it is that the quality of Mind Black people operate under now, is what cause black people to be attracted to lies rather than the Divine Truth, concerning our Black once Divine Self.

    You see beloved, when a people who once operated with a Divine Mind, have been made to embrace a profane Mind, then those people have been made to lose touch with Divine Truth and Reality, and when that happen, then such a people do not believe that there can have ever been something of a Greater Good to have every come from the Spiritual Action of black People, we being the people who now have no respect for our Black so call Afrikan Self.

    There has never been the Wind of Divine Freedom to have touched the cheeks of the Black Afrikans in the Diaspora, which include the Caribbean Islands, Black people who are Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors From the Time the first chain shackles was placed around our Afrikan Ancestors Neck, there has never been the experience of Freedom to enter the living Mental domain of Black people, victims of the Middle Passage Journey.

    So away with all of this lying make believe about Black people being Freed in the Diaspora, our present condition verify that Divine Freedom has yet to brush against our Body Life Mind. Emancipated Yes, Freedom No.

    Here some of you so call intelligent Black Afrikans, referring to yourselves as anything but Black so call Afrikan people, and the people of Haiti is included, all we do is reinforce the myth about our Freedom in the Diaspora, when in fact we have not done the **** Thing that will have us to be Free, because the only place upon this planet that hold the potential for Black people to become Free again, is in Afrika, whether you want to Hear this Truth or not, Divine Truth is not persuaded by want to be Black imagination, influenced by Lies and acts of Deception, which now is what motivate the lives of Black people in the world Today.

    Here it is in this Day and Time, label to be 2010, a sign of who it is that is in charge of the world, having us not knowing what Divine Time that it is, so we move and we act, based upon the a Time that has been created by Lucifer, which verify who it is that is now in charge of the World, having the World to commit to such a False Time, and here Black people claiming to be Free, while the Chains of confinement is hanging around our Mind.

    Haiti and none of the children of the Middle Passage will ever be Free as long as we remain away from our Mother and Father Land, Afrika, because only in Afrika does the potential for our Freedom reside, you can not understand why I share this with you, because it require A divine Mind to do so.

    The Master Teacher of our Black lives have informed us, and has verified to us, that away from Afrika, Freedom for the Black Woman and Man does not reside, and it is our Black lives experience that serve as our Lives Master Teacher about the Divine Truthfulness concerning the life of Black people, we who now reside outside of Afrika.

    Beloved, do you not know if our Kit and Kin in Afrika is not in the presence of Freedom with their lives, then in no way in Hell, away from Afrika, will the Black life ever experience Freedom?

    No, No, you do not know that, because you now carry the Heavy burden of a Religious belief, that which have you now telling Lies About God, making claim that God is a God that Punish, which verify those words of belief is coming from a profane Mind that does not know what God Is.

    Tell me, what Reason does God, the Divine Essence has, that would cause such Divine Power to punish that which that Divine Power is the producer of, do you not know that the Divine Essence is not a Power of Eternal Infinite Energy that react, it just act Divinely, constantly, moving Eternally through the corridor of Infinity, so why would such a Powerful force react to something that is totally ignorant of What such Divine power Is.

    Do you not know that the Divine Essence is not a God of Reaction, just a God of Perpetual Action? so stop Telling Lies about God,using a flawed Religious Mind to justify such a lying claim, a sign that Black people Mind is not Free and still reside in a state of captivity.

    If you are of the Black phenotype, then Afrika is where you belong, and if you are Black and is not in Afrika, it serve for you to know that us Black people are not Free, because only in Afrika, is where Freedom will Ring for Black People.

    There is no amount of Rebuilding of Haiti that will guarantee the Black Afrikans in Haiti Freedom, hell, Black people have no base of security outside of Afrika, that will assure our Freedom, living in a Mental Mind of Fantasy is what Black people away from Afrika do, incapable of having a Divine Thought about our Black Afrikan selves .

    Here we are, we always fantasizing about Freedom and Independence and never being allowed away From Afrika to experience Freedom, as a Divine Reality in the presence of Black People who are Away from Afrika, and neither today, does Freedom reside in the presence of Black people in Afrika, but the potential is Greater for Black People Freedom and Independence in Afrika, than away from Afrika, WHY???

    I will not answer that question for you, I will leave it as a question for your Black Mind to ponder over, Beloved.

    No. No, This divine Truth is not what you want to Hear, because you now operate under a Mind that has been calibrated to feed Black people lies and to receive acts of Deception as being Divinely True and Real, when such Mental expression verify our inability to distinguish between what is in the advantage to the Black Life and what is not, as we act to reinforce those Lies that assure the Mental captivity of Black People all over the world.

    Black people must come again to Trust only that we Know, not believe, because it is believing that have Black people not knowing what our Blackness represent, and because of that fact, and that fact alone, Black people today, do not know what the Divine Essence ( GOD) Is, and it is such a magnitude of ignorance of our Black self, that have us Black people pretending to have experienced Freedom in the Diaspora, not knowing that it does not serve beneficial to Lucifer Plan to allow Black people in the Diaspora, Children of the Middle Passage Journey, to experience Freedom away from Afrika.

    It does not matter who you are or where you are, and you are Black, then Afrika is where your Black life has the Greatest potential of experiencing its Freedom and Independence, any place else, require for you to Lie about your potential to be Free and Independent, a habit Black people have grown accustom to acting out, when our Black lives are the center of attraction away from Afrika.

    We Black People as a Black Family Nation, at Home or away from Home, and Home being Afrika on this planet, we have lost all Spiritual Connection with Afrika, and not until we reclaim our Divine Mind, the Divinity of our Spirituality will continue to escape our Mind, because we do use the Mind of the Human Being oppressors, Lucifer is the Spirit of the Nature of that Human Being, which now have Black people making claim to be Human and not Divine Beings, and with such a profane Mind inherit in the Body life of Black people today, that Freedom and Independence is in such a profane Mind company, which is not real freedom and independence.

    Based Upon That Fact Alone, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You, Is The Book Black People Need To Read, Now That You Have Been Made To Cherish Lucifer Bible So Much, You Need To Read The Divine Book Of Life, Which Is At The Link Below, and begin to know what is required of you in order to experience your Mental Freedom and Independence.

    Be Kind to Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]