Black Poetry : If I Had A Father Like You

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    If I Had A Father Like You

    I wake up every morning to face another day
    Without a father's voice to help lead the way
    I often wondered how it would be
    I wondered if my father looks like me
    So here I am, on the road of life without a plan
    Never had the pleasure as a little boy, of holding my father's hand
    Never had the pleasure of sitting on his shoulders while watching the marching band

    Never knew who I would become, and now I am struggling to find out who I am
    I am left to find my way through life on my own
    Left to answer the question, who am I and why am I alone?
    Left alone with no sense of direction
    Left without warnings and no clear vision

    If l had a father like you

    Maybe my nights wouldn't be so scary And just maybe, I wouldn't have gotten my girlfriend pregnant so early

    Society tells me to stand up and be a man
    And on my own two feet I should stand But how can I, when the role I was given I did not understand?

    How can I do the job without the right tools in my hand?
    With no one to show the way, I'm surprised that I made it this far
    Society says to prove my manhood; I must go to some country to fight in their wars

    If I had a father like you

    I know my future would have been brighter
    I know my burdens would have been lighter
    I know I wouldn't try so hard to be a gangster
    I know I would have memories of you, filled with laughter

    Now I can only think about the future, and what kind of father I will be
    Wondering if I will treat my children like my father treated me
    Being deprived of all the joyful emotions I lack
    Because my father left when I was born, and he is not coming back

    But to have a father like you I know I will succeed
    At being a man, and providing for my family’s needs
    A father that encourages his kids and tells them to push through
    All this would have been possible, if I had a father like you