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Sep 29, 2005
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I haven't read Frederick Douglass' marginalized, though at the time prominent, friend Martin Delany's work "Blake; or, the Huts of America" but I did read that it's a novel by Martin Delany, an early Pan-Africanist who believed that first Africans should organize the Caribbeans. The work is a response to "Uncle Tom's Cabin." I hear that it's out there for consumption.

Have you checked it out? It seems that Martin Delany is an ancestor who ran into the same pitfalls as you and saw the solution in taking smaller steps--staying optimistic.

Right now, I just want our African siblings to realize that the European is our enemy, like Dr. Williams said.

We are in such trouble. But we should stay optimistic. Sometimes I talk to our youth, like really young, twelve-like, and they really do hope that someone does something bold.

And beside, everyone wants to see Malcolm X again. Remember Sister Souljah? :)

I am familiar with Delaney, but not the book. I will have to check it out.

I agree that the europeon is our enemy, but my MAIN focus is on the 'enemy within'.

Yes, we are in deep trouble. Hopefully we will unite, organize in the proper manner, and get outta the mess we in. This is why I work with the youth, almost exclusively, except for a few conscious Elders.

I was at one time an organizer with Kwame Ture's organization (AAPRP). Organized speaking tours and African Liberation Day. Founding charter member of Black United Front of Los Angeles (BUFLA). Co-Chair of South African Task Force. Director, African Education Project. Organizer, Black Statewide Student Alliance.

I was a founding Security Committe member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the National African Youth Student Alliance (NAYSA) which was founded by Lisa Williamson (Sistah Souljah). My comrades worked with her in organizing the Youth Survival Camps. On the west coast we organized the GET BUSY tours featuring Public Enemy and Stetsasonic. "General Education and Training of Blacks United to Save our Youth".

Around that time (1988) brother Eric Ture Muhammad used to kick it with us. He helped us bring Minister Farrakhan on campus at UCLA after the GET BUSY concert which fired off some controversy which got local press. This led to several demonstrations known as the "Days of Outrage". Of course, I was at front and center of this.

We were all active, from NY to LA, in the divestment movement, organizing student and youth groups, and linking them with the liberation movements in South Africa, while at the same time getting our folks inside of SA and building relationships inside, on the ground, and this was before the release of Mandela from jail.

We were still organizing around time of the LA Riots in 92 when Souljah made those statements and was roundly attacked by Bill Clinton and the liberal media.

We ain't been the same since.

I started to focus on local issues because I experienced the breakdown of our Pan African and National Black student and Community organzations which dated back to 1981 when the National Black Independent Political Party (NBIPP) began to factionalize and eventually became co-opted within the Rainbow Coalition. There has been has no viable Black NATIONAL party or organizaion since and I say this not to dismiss the groups such as the APSP, Uhuru Movement, NOI, AAPRP, Malxom X Grassroots or NBPP.

It is just these groups are marginalized and have not been able to come together to organize any kind of lasting Black/African/ Pan African United front, organization or Movement.



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Sep 12, 2009
I agree that the europeon is our enemy, but my MAIN focus is on the 'enemy within'.


I find that dealing with the 'enemy within' is part of the pan-afrikan ideology/aim. I'd like to
add that dealing with the enemy within is in many respects dealing with the enemy without.
They both overlap and intertwine.

If we look to the ourstory, we find us dealing with ourselves (north tulsa et al) thriving within
the law of the land (jim crown) staying on 'our side of the tracks' and that wasn't enough as
the tragic outcome, we know so well, was brought to bare.

I agree with you, lets 'hold down'/work on the fort (village) however any fort that is to stand
a chance between surviving and thriving must have its sentry and its recon cadres.

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