Black People : If euros Owe Us Reparations, do we owe native americans?


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Oct 8, 2005
This topic has been on my mind since bro oldsoul's class last week where he touched on us as black people being invested in the european system when we make claims to property and/or wealth in america.

Our ancestors were enslaved and their labor helped fund the genocide of native americans in this land.

In some cases such as the buffalo soldiers we helped the european impose his will on this land.

Now, most of us benefit from that genocide especially when our living standards are contrasted with other black folk on the planet.

If we own land in this country, or we own property, should we give reparations to native americans if we are to be consistent in our expectations that we are owed reparations?

Does the fact our ancestors were oppressed and we are still dealing with oppression today ABSOLVE us from any accountability for benefiting from a stolen land?
Bro. KemetKind,

the topic that has been on your mind, is clearly the topic that we should be discussing and learning more about. By coincidence this was the topic of discussion for the thinking Black Men and Women around me last week as well. Keep in mind, this is something we don’t want to talk about, because if true- where does this leave us?

One of our Brothas made this point:

Let’s say you’re a Mechanic and someone brings in a car to have you fix it. He wants you to paint the car, change the wheels, fix the leaky engine, and give it a tune up. That’s like a $2,000 job. You do everything that he asks. Its takes you about a 2-3 days to finish. He comes back, and says to you, look I only have $500, but I swear to you, I’ll give you the rest later. You trust his eyes, and his words, and so you give him the keys. He jumps in and takes off.

The next day, the Police show up at your shop- telling you the Car was stolen and they arrested the Car Thief the night before. They ask for any extra details you might have on the Thief or the Car itself. But the only detail you have to offer is that this guy still owes you $1,500 for all the repairs you did to the car! The Police shrug their shoulders at you. There’s nothing we can do about that. That’s your loss.

So you’re out $1500. Its not like you can go to the Car Thief for the money, he’s in jail. You can't ask the owner of the Car for the money, because legally they didn’t ask for any repairs.

What can we learn here? America is the stolen car. Land that we have labored on, worked for, our Ancestors have died for, we continue to die for America. We were promised 40 Acres and a Mule that we never got. Like the Car Thief who promised the Mechanic the balance of his money. All we ever got was a down payment on our freedom, nothing more. We’re still living off the down payment. I’ve heard in several cases the Reparations agenda has become part African and Native American. The point still is, America is stolen property, and we are stolen people.

America will be returned to Native blood. Whites who understand metaphysics and karma already see this taking place. Mexicans aren’t invading America, they are returning to the land of their Native blood. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it, because they are justified spiritually.

As spiritual people, we have to learn how to get out of the way of spiritual matters, and attended to our own. Let’s use a little Socratic reasoning here.

If America was stolen away from Native Indians, and now we find those with Native Indian blood returning to the land of their Ancestors who were killed and slaughtered by Whites, it is possible that since Africans were stolen away from Africa, that the Africans in America should be returning to the land of their Ancestors where they were stolen away from?

If it is true that we were stolen away from Africa, then there is property in Africa that belongs to all of us here, and this is the land we should be fighting for. We have our own Empires that need attending too. I understand also that perhaps not all of us came to America on a slave ship, and some were here along with the Native Indians. This still helps to unite the Red and Black. If there is any real fight for Reparations from America the Red and Black should be repaired, and both should recieve justice.


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