Black People : if Dr King had access to Social Networks , he would call for this


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You keep asking what anyone else is doing. I submit we all do'n what we can where ever we happen to be whether that contribution happen to be small or large, we all do what we can. So as you seem to be all the time asking one is tempted to ask what are you doing besides continually asking?
Here are some Brothers talking about building and importantly sustaining movements:
Black people have bee doing where they are in samll ways for the past 25 years! I dont see why you are makig this a personal issue ! Black folks have been doing where they are in small ways as indiiduals for the past 25, years , but we are catching more hell, so does that make sense??? Why would you question the power of united collective effort since the past 100 years of Black history here as well as in the UK, proves scientifically that, is a solution?? And be honest what do you think they would be doing with social networks , if they had acces to them?? If a question hoest question is seen as hate to you then thats not my problem! I simply asked a simple question in the context of Black history, past and present