Black People : If Black Men rule the world, Will you revenge our discrimination?


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Jan 14, 2005
London in the United Kingdom
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Don't YOU enjoy PALEFACE CURTROLL/BATTERING RAM baiting/torturing, [I do, did it so consistently they actually closed my playground AOHELL's Blackvoices down], in that isn't it very very satisfying to completely dismantle their delusions of cerebral grandeur/factual/intellectual superiority [in their own language without profanity]?

Why wouldn't YOU or I go on to Stormfront or any obviously WHITE Supremacist type website to try to direct and control their thoughts?

Isn't it very very obvious that melanin deficiency/mutant albinism/WHITENESS must be far more spiritually and intellectually debilitating than WE could ever imagine for Whites to look at the chaotic HELL they have created in just over 500 years, and still truly believe that THEY are anything more than the most debilitating CANCER/PLAGUE to ever afflict the human family?

Info-moetry said:I don't 'enjoy' it, but if they choose to act a fool when they come here on that A-ryan Nation Bull then from time to time i will chime in. But, i'm not mad to see them go as it's really a waste of all of our time trying to deal with the beast on their level. There are others here, but much more subtle than that last wave that just came thru. THEY are very very amusing in that have you noticed the way they never ever directly address assertions or answer questions, while consistently projecting an air of knowledgeable overview?

You can usually tell who they are because they are always two totally different things in their post's trying to outsmart black people for whatever reason. It's called the 'build you up, to break you down' method. THEY don’t try any of that stuff with me, they just run away [usually with my foot kicking their arse as repetitively as a drum] from my focus on them either putting up or shutting UP?

WHites will never look at what they've done to us over the last 500 years. They want to reap the benefits of what their ancestors did, but at the same time say that what their ancestors did has nothing to do with the white people of today. Or the famous line 'what's in the past, is in the past', yet they are still paying the jews reperations in Israel. The Jews/Israel have been very useful to the West/current POWER ELITE haven’t they; with regard to breaking up Lebanon at regular intervals along with providing a base from which to attack/undermine the full industrialisation of Iraq and Iran/the more progressive Semites in the region?

Yet, they are still going around the world terrorizing and killing people for what they say some arabs did 10 years ago. they are still punishing the indians that are left for having the nerve to fight back against them hundreds of years ago. But, when it comes to black people we must stop living in the past. Don’t European cultures use a RHETORICAL ETHICS base as standard especially when relating to non-whites in general, the peoples of African ethnicity specifically?

There is no talking to white people that will change their way of thinking and it's more than obvious when those waves of A-ryans come thru and even more so when those here in black face go out of their way daily to convince others of their blackness and contributions to the black community..... Haven’t you noticed the way they criticise China and Russia etc for not allowing their citizens to speak freely on the internet and elswhere, whereas as highlighted by just how many of them are to be found on our sites in particular aren’t THEY actually covertly doing exactly what they are accusing the foreign dictators/despots of doing?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?


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