Black People : If Black lives matter then? Why Boule Black Greeks don't spend their billions to improve the hood?

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    Aug 18, 2013
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    I can't do anything but laugh at this new old style rehashed movement of protest that doesn't do anything but put Black people in harm's way? Why get arrested? Jailed? Spray with pepper mace and disrespected by kracker cops just to appeal to the lack of conscious of White Supremacy? The bottomline is Blackmen getting shot unarmed is White Supremacy. So why aren't we addressing the decadence in the Black community? How is that the 1% of Black America is averaging 1.2 million while the other 99% averages 6000 dollars a year? Anybody look at the unemployment rate of Blacks? The huge unemployment rate of Black youth? So if Black lives matter then what's up with the lack of real concern on our behalf?