Black People : If Black Lives Matter Is So ProBlack

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
If Black Lives Matter Is So ProBlack, Then Why Isn't Chattel Slavery And Reparation/Repatriation Is Not The Primary Focus To Invoke Corrective Action in favor of such an action For The Lives Of Black Afrikans???

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Let me begin by challenging Black Afrikans not to be persuaded by ******* as Defined by White Racist, not by the so-called Educated Black Afrikans, Not By the Negro Americans, and not by the Ill-informed so-called Black Nationalist Pan Afrikans who can only Look as far as the Propaganda Mind that white Racist has replaced the Divine Mind of Black Afrikans with for the profane Mind now influencing the Black Afrikan people and is introducing false issues as being issues of importance, such as Black is not Black, and to know the Divine Truth is unrealistic, and by being repetitive in sharing the Divine Truth is not a wise approach to take.

Listen to me My Black Afrikan Kith and Kin, if there is any proof of your Divinity it is by you knowing the need to be redundant in sharing the Divine Truth, you can not be too repetitive in sharing the Divine Truth, as a matter of fact, it is Divine to be redundant when sharing the Divine Truth with Black Afrikan people who has the right to have the Divine Truth exposed to Black Afrikans again without intensive purpose to become self-elevating with a want to become the main focus in an attempt to develop a reputation for popularity purpose with no concern about the low quality lying deceiving indoctrinated information of a profane fantasized nature being told to you, Black Afrikan Woman and Man.

Remember, that which I have Divinely shared with Black Afrikan people which is, there is nothing that rises above Divine Freedom and when you been forced to live without it, then all of your focus and plans must be about getting your Freedom back, beloved!!!

Beloved, there is no white racist etymology pattern Black Revolutionaries are deemed to follow, your Literary approach in sharing the Divine Truth with Black Afrikan people is your own design, the Wise among us Black Revolutionaries follow only the Revelation given by The Ancient Of Ancient our First Way Universal Ancestors and a profane Mind has not the mental performance to innerstand that Divine Truth.

Remember, Wisdom Does Not Debate Ignorance!!!

Because it matter not to be in the Divine interest of Black Afrikans who are living without Freedom to be in pursuit of the attributes of Freedom when you are living without a Freedom foundation, all of that nonsense about there being no such a shade as Black or that it is not wise to be in pursuit of Divine Information that let you know who you are in a relationship with you knowing what God Is, the Twain with Divine Knowledge in possession of the physical Beings knowing what the two entities are to each other, is, in fact, the evidence of being in possession of Divine Wisdom and such a quality of wisdom is not persuaded by lies and acts of deception being used on Black Afrikan people coming back into having the possession of our D.ivine Mind because now you are remembering what the Greater Good-God Is and not Who He Is, that is religious, beloved and religion is the Queen Goddes and King God of Evil Systemic Deception, beloved!!!.

You must not rush in sharing the Divine Truth because it is being revealed to you and if you have not the patience to read to study the Divine Truth, then you are no revealing Good tom your self which mean no good to anybody else, beloved!!!

So all miscellaneous issues the lying deceiving so call educated and active negro Black Lives Matter deceptionist presents to Black Afrikans, should be rejected immediately coming from that Negro Traitor who you allow coming into your presence in your Black Face telling you that the issue of Equality, Community Development, Black Lives Matter, and do not inform you that they are secondary issues to Black Afrikan people in comparison to the Primary Issue involved that is a Direct relationship to the Event of Chattel Slavery which is in relationship to the penalty and award, Reparation/Repatriation to our Enslaved Ancestors have earned because of the Crime that has been committed against them and yes the criminals must be destined to receive punishment for committing of such a barbaric Crime committed by that white racist so call American and the surrogates who participated with America in acting out the crime of Chattel Slavery attitude and behavior of evil against our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors!!!

No beloved, Oh No Black Afrikan Divine Beings, don't you allow America to get away with committing the most Racist Prejudice Crime History of Time has ever recorded concerning white racist spirit toward and against Black Afrikan people!!!

So, Hell Yes, I will practice the Freedom of being repetitive when in the act of sharing the Divine Truth with Black Afrikan people and there is nothing demeaning about being redundant in sharing the Divine Truth with Black Afrikan people and all who make claim to be about the Liberation of Afrika and Black Afrikan people and do not be redundant in sharing such a Divine Truth, then know it is all lies in an act to impress you while deceiving you by trying to distract you from listening to hear the Divine Truth Wise Minds are sharing with you the Divine Truth which defies all information making claim to be the Gospel Truth, beloved.

So, if Black Lives Matter then such lives would be in pursuit of not Civil Rights or forms of social-economic systems today but will be in a fight for Afrika and Black Afrikans Freedom and it is Reparation/Repatriation that represents to verify Afrika and Black Afrikans Freedom!!!

When you are Free, then you will have all of the Time you desire to discuss your System Og Governing, beloved.

So, share with me beloved Black Afrikans, who do you know that share the most creditable information that is in favor of Afrika and Black Afrikan Freedom, Divine it is?

Divine Respect


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