Black Entertainment : If BET was a highschool

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    ah ya'll check this out i found it on another website just so ya'll won't get the wrong idea

    Lil Kim would be the school h**.

    J-Lo would be the school s***.

    Master-P would be the loser that nobody really knows, who wears his own clothes that nobody likes but still on the basketball team.

    P Diddy would be the annoying dork who couldn't dance but thought he could.

    Jay-Z would be the pretty boy everybody envied. Roc-a-Fella would be his click.

    Nas would be the dude normal popular kids couldn't figure out, but around his crew he was tha man.

    D-Block and Ruff Ryders would be the gangsta clicks who played sports and stole things. Most of the click would be suspended anyway.

    Dr. Dre would be the O.G. who thought he knew everything.

    Beyonce would be the Queen of the School and would go with Jay-Z to homecoming.

    Tigger would be one of the flyest dudes in the school that most of the ladys like and most of the dudes envy,only trusting his close homeboys

    R. Kelly would be the dude that graduated 3 years ago and be parkin at the school and comin to homecomin wit his lil cuz.

    Kelly would be the head cheerleader.

    Eminem would be the white dude who hangs with a big a** group of black boyz and had all of their respect.

    Fabolous would be the rapper that ladies liked, dudes respected, and didnt participate in most decyphers cuz tha competition wasn't worthy.

    ODB and Beanie Sigel would be the two special ed students that took classes at the back of the school.

    Ludacris would be the school class clown, that tried 2 f*** all tha girls.

    Jazzy would be that real ugly muhfukka that always hopped in tha rap circle but didn't get any respect cuz he's trash.

    T.I. would be the hardest n**** in the school who always sold dope at school and could rap better than anybody else, all the hoes would call him p**** pumper

    Ja Rule would be the wannabe thug acting like the most popular thug Tupac.

    Biggie would be the fat ugly guy with the fine girlfriend who has
    everyone wondering how he hooked that sh*t up.

    50 Cent would be the most popular and rich kid that had all the big parties on Friday nights and ppl were scare of him.

    Lloyd Banks was just that sexy quiet dude that was a pimp on the low and can rap.

    Game would be that kid with the pretty eyes that is always tryna get in it with 50 Cent.

    Tupac would just be "That N****".

    Nelly would be the pretty boy freshman that all the females love and most of the guys hate.

    And Murphy lee would get all the fine girls simply because he hangs with Nelly and because he got dreads.

    Pharrell would be that guy who hang with the white boyz but still got respect from the black people.

    Lil John & tha Eastside Boyz would be ones who kept the school krunk everyday and don't give a f***.

    Bow Wow would be that skinny loser who hangs out with his
    older brother and his crew because he has no friends of his own.

    Tweet would be that one girl that everyone argues over whether she's fine or not.

    Christina Milian would be the pretty sweet girl that everyone wants to tap but she's a virgin and only messes with pretty boys.

    Twista would be the kid who always writes 3000 word essays instead of the required 700.

    Cassidy would be 1 of the rulers of tha rap circle that all tha ladies loved and every single dude respected.

    Chamillionaire will be the new boy who's hardly known but very recognized

    Usher would be the super pretty boy always showin off his dance moves and his body.

    Juvenille would be the guy that you couldn't stand talking/listening to because of his voice.

    Dem Franchize Boyz would be that group of boys that can dance!

    Santana and Wayne would be the ones u see every morning having a rap battle.

    Ebony Eyez would be that one female bully.

    Mariah Carey would be the mixed girl that looked white and only liked black guys.

    Jermaine Dupri would be school p**** who told on everybody.

    Chris Brown would be that new kid that the ladies loved but the guys picked on.

    Ciara would be that one girl everybody says is a man but Bow Wow always defendin/claimin her.

    Ne-Yo would be that one ugly boy that every girl loves because when he sings, they just go crazy.

    Trey Songz would be that sexy ***** ladies just love.

    LL Cool J would be that sexy *** teacher all the girls just wanna get with on the low.

    Paul Wall will be the snitch lil whiteboy who sniteched on chamillionaire to get respect

    B5 would be the cute group of brothers that all the girls would want but knew they couldnt have because the brothers just wanted to stay single.

    Keyshia Cole would be the chick with the hottest hair-styles.

    Three 6 Mafia would be that group that only hung out with eachother because everyone else thought that they were devil worshipers.

    Marques Houston would be the popular senior that played every sport and got with every girl.

    Omarion would be one of the loud annoying kids and people only liked him because of his older brother Marques Houston.

    Mike Jones would be the Fat lil kid who ask around for a biscuit in lunch

    Michelle would be the girl everyone made fun of behind her back but was nice to her because she was friends with Beyonce

    Rhianna would be the fine foriegn exchange student.

    Outkast would be the weird black guys that hung out together but people were really interested in

    Rev Run would be the principal that all the kids laughed at behind this back and thought he was corny

    Ashanti would be the girl who always entered the school's talent show and everyone laughed because she thought she could sing.

    The Pussycat Dolls would be the preppy girl click that were known for being underground freaks

    Christina Aguliera would be the random hispanic girl that hung out wit the all the black girls and acted black

    Queen Latifah would be the funny fat girl people hugged and said hi to in the hall

    Brooke Valentine would be the girl that had her moment in the spotlight last year but now she just tries to be cool

    Kanye West would be the guy who dressed up fly everyday at school

    Fantasia would be the girl that dropped out and got pregnant
    but comes around to vist her friends

    India Aire would be the girl that ate only organic food wore her hair natural and was spirituallty in tune

    Raven would be the chubby girl that had the crazy laugh everyone could recognize and hung out with the white girls

    Fergie would be the white girl that liked black guys

    Tom Cruise would be the white teacher that was at all the school functions that the black kids tried to teach to dance

    Jamie Foxx would be the new teacher that was liked by all the women teachers and hung out with Tom Cruise

    Chingy would be the guy no one really understood and missed school alot but talked

    Tyrese would be the sexy dark skin guy that had the nice body

    Lil Romeo would be the rich spoiled kid that tried to be gangsta

    Jackie O would be the school h** that competed wit Lil Kim

    young joc was the new kid that walked round the halls sayin (after school it goin down)

    fat joe was the 400 pound fat bully that took evrybodys twinkies from the snack line.
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    if bet...

    and i would be the kid that got the heck outta that strange place.
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    BET is now owned by the Federal Reserve Corp.


    While we are only mezmerized by the pamp, glitter, bling, hype and elemintary meny ever would stop to think that BET has now become as the rest of all white superimist "Media" that is totaly owned and "Controled" by the "Federal-Reserve". 13 Billion+ dollars was paid to take BET out of the hands of the so-called African in America community. Now today "We" are presented to the "World" as just a bunch of "Party" people with out any "Morals" after 12:eek:clock midnight. This is done because we (some) don't have any self control that can't be bought and others don't have control of our collective finances to save the only and perhaps last vestage of African in America media control. We are just happy to kick back and party it seem?!
    We must understand that to the European Mind...African = slavery and slavery = infiror and the system of white superimacy will do every thing in their power to keep you a Slave to the system. (YOU ARE THE GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT) !!!
    When you adopt a god who is not in your own image, when you embrace literature that teaches you to hate yourself and love your enemy, when your oppressor and savior and your god and enslaver are one and the same, you become the principal agent in your own distruction and your spiritual and physical death are a foregoing conclusion. As soon as one takes it apon ones self to become absolutely serious about life and the future of the children, then one must know what is really going on and not just settle for the same old "Slave" teaching given to "Us" during slavery when the "Masters" gave us the "Bible" that we 'Still' don't remotely understand and think it is real and true. We are not tought (or ever will be by the church because it will cause it to shut down) any ware that it along with all other religions are only made up and created by europeans who will stop at nothing to control your mind.

    Why are we so-called Africans still sleep walking and following the perverted spiritual death today and think we are free but are more willingly a Slave than our great, great, great, great grand parents would allow them self to be. The first Christian god before they made up the lie of Jesus Christ to take its place was and still is "Serapis-Sotar".


    Note: We must have "Facts" today and not continue with "Illusion" and "Myth".
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    lol..............don't for get about Master P / Busta / T.I / Mary J / 50 cent
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    tis was nice and most of it was probably true and if it easn't it was convincing what I want to know is where would busta rhymes fit in the school.l