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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Here is the Divine Truth about whether Obama should become President, such will not represent Freedom for Black Folks, this man politics is about Americans Assimilation, a process that does not speak to the problems that America has caused to come upon an Ethnic group that has evolved inside of America, starting from the Enslavement of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors.

    I sat and I listen attentively to Mr. Obama and I must say that the man has the charisma to electrify a crowd and if I did not know the true Dynamics of all politics, I would myself become excited over what this man has to say about what his intention will be as president, but because I am a never die follower of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, I am a True Black Nationalist, so when I wish the committed Afrikan American well, in their excitement over Obama, I Truly Mean it, I respect your choice to stay in America and I do expect the same respect from you, concerning the True Black Nationalist desire to return to Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and to become the next established State in Afrika, our Enslaved ancestors have earned us that choice.

    I speak of the Afrikan American group that is a part of the whole of us, it is their Want to remain in America, with a willingness to forget and forgive what America did and is doing to us Black People, my desire remain irremovable and my Demand remain Justified in calling for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which I have yet to hear from Mr. Obama on the issue of Reparation, yet I know it is not political expedient for him to do so with Divine truth, which place him to become suspectin that which he claim he will do as President..

    Those Afrikan Americans that have become electrified over the Obama candidacy, they are those Afrikan America that have decided to remain in America and do not have a Desire to be Free from America and they are those Afrikan American that are of the Middle Passage Journey, they have settle for mere opportunity for Afrikan Americans to be given the opportunity to just Progress in America, a process in Life that never rise to the level where Freedom and Equal opportunity reside, such a Level does not exist for Black People in America and that is why we have become so individualized, so that we can make a foolish statement such as, not all Black people in America is being treated unjustly or make such stupid statement that Injustice does not come from the action of Racism in America, how pitiful are those Afrikan Americans that believe like that.

    A True Revolutionary is never distracted by the Pomp and show that might rise up in America, the eye of the Revolutionary is always on Freedom, Independence and the Sovereignty of Life for Black People, without Class being a factor in our Life.

    So, if Barack is to become President, my question is, who must elect him to be so, certainly not Black People, because without the White and other ethnic groups vote in America, Barack will lose, just as Jesse Jackson did lose, the last Black Man I consider to have been qualified to become President and did not, because Jesse was so full of game and allowed himself to be used by the White establishment, he did not have the approval of the political establishment Hidden Hand, the hand of Lucifer, therefore not the White and other Ethnic Groups vote in America was interested in Jesse and I ask the question, Why ?

    Can you Believe that Jesse could have been considered of being to Black.

    Barack is liken to being a Racial Neutral Candidate for President, he has a Dual Racial identity, one side Black and the other side White and it is White folks that Elect a President in America, because White Folks carry the greatest influence over all others in America Politics and Black Folks Mind is not calibrated to Vote as a Black Block, so in order for the Afrikan American to feel a part of the American politics for Change, their change has to be set on just progressing in America and Not Justice in America, which will mean that America will have to recognize the Children of the Middle Passage Right to Reparation and for once, have a Choice as to whether to stay in America, such respect is what we Desire, which is to Return to our Enslaved Ancestors Land, which is what some of us Desire to do, that opportunity is due to the Children of the Middle Passage and must be respected by America, that is if America can ever boast with dignity, that it is a Nation for Change of Attitude toward Black People in America, Here by way Of The Middle Passage.

    Barack will be good for America as President, if only he will be Man enough to recognize the Divine Right of Black People in America, those of us that are here by way of the Middle Passage, having the Right to our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and we for the First Time, be respected to have a Choice whether to remain in America or to Leave with Respect and dignity, which mean with our Ancestors Reparation.

    I have no illusion about what an Obama Presidency will or will not be able to provide to Black and Poor People in America, because Obama will be allowed to go no further than Barack Handlers will allow him to go and that distant will be no different than any other Democratic or Republican President has ever been allowed to go, in providing for Black and Poor People in America, which Mean that you will still have need for Welfare and other social Subsidies for the Poor in America, meaning you will still have Black and poor people in America still receiving the sting of Injustice in America, during Barack Watch in America White House.

    So, why is it that White People appear to be Comfortable with Barack, I will tell you why, it is because Barack has a Racial Duality and they identify with the White side of Barack, even though Barack is wearing the Racial Identity of his father, taking advantage of the One Drop Rule concerning the Black identity and it is on that fact alone do I support that Barack become president, having no illusion of what he will and will not be permitted to accomplish in those White People House in Washington D C, and maybe Barack as President will after a while when the Change he promise does not materialized, it will send a shark wave through the Mind of Black folks here by way of the Middle Passage, this is not about Hope, Faith, Wishful Believing, this is about knowing where the Power Lies in the World, because it is that Power that dictate to all Governments in the world, what a bitter pill the Divine Truth is to Swallow.

    White people support Obama because in their eyes, Obama is just as White as he is Black and they are Liars in the act to deceive, if they give any other reason for their support, yet there are the Jesse Jackson White folks that are in the Mix, but then it has been proven that is not enough to deliver the White House to a single digit Black Man, not to mention an Alan Keyes.

    Congratulation is due to Obama SC Win, yet it still is a long way for him to travel to get to those White folks House.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

    Chief Elder
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