Chief Elder Osiris : If Afrikans Remain To Ba A Follower In The World, The WorldWill Perish In Its Misguid

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    If Afrikans Remain To Be A Follower In The World, The World Will Perish In Its Misguidance.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The divine Truth and Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Whatever happen to Afrika and to the Lives of Black people today, will become the fault of the claimed Black Afrikan.

    In the past you were tricked into becoming a follower of Lucifer your oppressors, today you choose to be a follower of those who has Afrika and the Black lives in third place of life living opportunity, a level designed for making Black people to be looked upon as being low low class in the class structure created by Lucifer your oppressors.

    So, in view of the status of Afrika and the divisiveness of the Black Afrkan today, you have not the right of privilege today, to point fingers of condemnation toward those who were responsible for your life down fall.

    Today, you choose to continue to be a follower of lies and deceit, and to maintain your status of low class Black Afrikan people in the world today, a status that does fit your life story, the one that reveal exactly what you Black so call Afrikans are, in the stratum of life intelligent form of environment degree type.

    You Black folks might be alright with the way we Black folks are treated in this world but I am not satisfied how I am mistreated by anybody, regardless of who you are.

    I have no phobia about my Divine Blackness and I do know what I am, in relationship to the Divine Essence.

    So, What has been taken away is Black people self awareness, and to have such a thing to happen to you, it will allow what belong to Black people to be taken away, so that it can be claimed to belong to somebody else who is without the experience that will verify the True ownership of that which has been taken away from the rightful owner.

    Black people have allowed our identity to be taken away from us, such an identity being the Divine Being that we were.

    But now, we have been transformed to be referred to as Black Afrikan Human Beings, the brand new Afrkan of today that we are, a people who can not be made to be shame at the way we now have not the spirit to be free and independent again.

    Identify Black people in the way you want them to be, and those people been made to be who they did not started out to be as we are now, will comply, which is why we now allow others to have what is not rightfully theirs, but belong to us black people, and we have been made to believe that ownership of Divine intelligence was never associated with us made to be Black Afrikan Human Beings.

    Therefore, we now put on display a spirit of total submission to those who have stolen our identity, and now we have been born with the mind of our oppressors, the Mind that goes with the Black Afrikan Human Being.

    When you have been conditioned to believe that you are undeserving to be looked upon as people with a Divine grade of intelligence, then you have not the mental capacity to acknowledge what you really are.

    Because you see, you now contribute all that is in your possession, mentally and physically, to those who now oppress and disrespect you Black people, and you consider that to be a good thing, and you accept such treatment to be the norm, when treatment of Black people are in consideration to be treated like a fool with disrespect.

    We Black people have been made to believe that we are nobody special, we have been made to just blend in with the crowd, even when the story of our lives prove to be different from all others upon this planet.

    Yet since the Lucifer oppressors have gotten us to believe that there can not ever have been and never has been anything of Divine substance to have ever come from those people that has been made to be Black Human Beings.

    Such a belief is what have you Afrikans to Remain To Be A Follower In The World, a world that has no good intention for Black people.

    The World Will Perish In Its Misguidance.

    Such a belief by a people who while other people are engaging in using the internet to organize for revolutionary change, you Black people look at the internet to be used for useless gossip.

    Those people now in revolt that you support, they seek only change, black people should be active with a goal that is not just change, but is for freedom.

    Here you are, you Black people with a pigment that does not fit all others in this world that is controlled by Lucifer, the Devil, Satan himself, you acting as if you have not a complaint in this evil world, ready and willing to follow other people whose goal is change as it relate to their lives and not the Back life.

    What you are witnessing that is going on in the world, all of the protest developing come from people creating turmoil over dissatisfaction with their leaders and is demanding change, such is not the goal Afrika people with a Divine root is to pursue.

    Afrika people, you who carry the Divine genetic germ within you, such a genetic germ is not to follow the lead of those who carry a history of lying and deceiving you now Black Afrikan people, they have not the love for you that is of the same quality of love you show toward them.

    Here you are, in the time of those other people trouble, you without question, support them while they do not support you, in your time of trouble and need, as a matter of past experience, they are the cause for your trouble.

    Yet, you squat on your behind in a state of denial, wishing for your enemy to love you, all because the bible told you to do so.

    If Afrika people remain to be a follower of evil doers and continue to ignore the sign of this time, then yes, the world is destine to perish.

    All because Black people refuse to create chaos in defiance of the way our lives have been made to suffer.

    Not turmoil, you only stand a chance to get only change from causing such disruption, but when chaos is caused by a people justified to cause it, then something good for the people will be the reward to come from chaos, and that good will be order.

    Out of Chaos come order.

    Beloved, only out of chaos does order proceed from such action, so in order for Black people to become qualified to save Afrika and the Black life, is for Black people to cause chaos over the fact that Evil still refuse to acknowledge the wrong committed against our Enslaved Ancestors and not to pay to those Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, which they have earned.

    Beloved, have you been made to be blind so long until you do not desire to see?

    You praise those people identified as Egyptians, and yet you refuse to see what they have done to Afrika.

    You refuse to see what they attempted to do to our artifacts in the Museum, they really do not have any respect for the Dead of the kemetian Nubian Black Divine Beings Remains, dead or alive, they are grave robbers consisting of black people remans, claiming the evidence that our Ancestors left for us to see and know about, such is the proof of the Divine quality of their intelligence.

    No where is it written or left to be a sign to us, that tell us that we must be followers of those people who carry a history of always attacking and rebuking us Divine Black Beings.

    you see beloved, when you know what you are, you have no guilt in expressing who you are, and we are Descendants of people with a high grade of intelligence that had them living as goddess and gods, all because they knew their relationship to the stars and planets and those ethereal elements that constitute the Divine Essence of us all.

    Many of you no doubt wish I would go away, but I am not here because of your will, I am here because of the verification of the Divine truth, and that truth is the very attribute of the Divine Essence, the God Of us all.

    You choose Death over life because the one that bring to you life is not of your choosing.

    Woe is unto you, if you continue to follow the path Lucifer has pointed out to you, because Divinity is not to be a follower of profanity and today, Afrika is in the hand of profanity and the life of the Brand New Afrikan follow the instruction of Lucifer,

    Chaos is to be caused by those people whose identity been stolen, making such theft to be a recipe of disaster for Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan.

    Only a fool will allow a fool to lead them, and the foolish among us have caused us Black people to look upon ourselves in such a way that it make us to become a fool.

    Beloved, I do not need the oppressor to legitimize me or to tell me what I am to be in their presence.

    Only experience is my life Master Teacher and Experience is Reality and it is the verification of the Universe, and the Universe action is in order, which is the result from the Divine Essence infinite action, which is the cause for the universe presence, because what the Divine Essence is, all things are verified To Be.

    Be Kind To your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    copyrigh[email protected]