Chief Elder Osiris : If Afrika And The Black Afrikan Is To Be saved, The Black Afrikan Must Rise!!! :idea:

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    If Afrika And The Black Afrikan Is To Be saved, The Black Afrikan Must Rise!!! :idea:

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    As the original Afrikans goes, so goes Afrika and Black Afrikans have the responsibility to save Afrika and themselves, wait around if you want to, waiting on somebody other than yourselves, believing that there is somebody in the Human Being Heaven that is going to cause everything to be alright with your Black Life if you want to, and while you do, observe the Life of Black so call Afrikans dissipate to be of no value, not even unto ourselves, while you pontificate about this and that about what is happening to Afrika and the Lives of Black people in our Black World.

    Beloved, mention the need of Afrika and Afrikans people needing to be saved, the first thing to come to your Black Human Being Mind is Jesus acting in your behalf to save you from the sins of the World, not so beloved, that is not the Saving Black Folks are in need of today and nor were we in need of such a saving yesterday, meaning our Past, Black people are in need of being saved from the Evil and profaneness that come from those claiming to be Human Beings and Saints of Jesus.

    Your Mind Black Woman and Man has been seared with a White Hot iron of Lies and acts of deception, so much so until you are totally incompetent in recognizing the obvious when it come to the Strategy and tactics that are now being used to strike the final blow to the Life of a once Black Divine Being, while you have been made Drunk with the Profane action used against you, so that you can not See the Divine Truth of what is ailing Black people and you not being able to realize that a Black Mind that once Thought Freely about God, Universe, and our Black Life, no longer has that freedom and such lost of freedom, prevent us from knowing that Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans are in need of being Saved from those evil people calling themselves Human Beings.

    You the once Black Divine Being, is incapable of denouncing such a Human Being and we are not qualified to bring our Black so call Afrikan selves to recognize and acknowledge the Black Being as being Divine, and you tell me the Black so call Afrikan is not in need of being saved today ?

    How we view ourselves depend on what we Truly know of ourselves and that is what determine our attitude and behavior in and of our lives, so when we do not know about ourselves Truthfully so, then we rebel and rebuke everything that come before us about our Black selves, so all that is not graced with the Human Being Blessing get not our respect, in other word approved by the Human Being and the sad part about it, those of us that is on such a low life belief, end up believing that they do a disservice to those that come with Divine information that stand not in attention to the ways and form of the Human Being information, which we Black Folks now worship, yet such a misinformed Mind that Black Folks now operate under, reveal the fact that Black people are in need of being saved from the evil fetters of the Human Being Life Attitude and behavior, which is now being displayed to the World and more especially to the Black World.

    So, the question is what are we to do about our Lowly sad state of being, you need to pull of the evil jacket of Egoistical Vanity, Envy and Jealousy and get about the business of organizing ourselves, not to make our Life better, not for an advancement from one stage of our Life present condition to another stage, we must turn loose the mental syndrome of wanting our Life to be better and embrace the Divine Desire for our Life to be Liberated away from such environments that we have no authority or control over, as those environments serve to be a great influence over our Black Lives.

    The Black Life is deserving of being Liberated from the present condition we now are Living, meaning that the Afrikan and Afrika is in need of being Saved today, so that Divine Freedom will be our companion in Life.

    The Human Being Religion is not qualified to Save Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan, proof of that Truth is Afrika and Afrikans present condition.

    The Human Being Religion is specifically designed to crucify the Divine Mind of the Black so call Afrikan and if you would just stop for a moment and make every effort to See the Black so call Afrikan today, and the Life we are now living, and the state of condition Afrika is in today and you succeed in seeing such Divine truth, then you would be qualified to know that Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan is in need of being saved, as I speak to you beloved sisters and brothers, envious and Jealous you are infested with of each other, as you have perfected the act of cutting off your nose to spite the Face of your Black self.

    We are living in a dispensation of Time that cause Evil to be very displeasing to Divine Truth and Reality, yet these Times call for a Renaissance to take place among the Black so call Afrikan and when such a reawakening take affect with the Black so call Afrikan, then the Life Raft of Harmony, Order, and Balance, will become your Savior, Black Woman and Man and not before.

    Beloved, since the only ability you now have is to just look at your Black so call Afrikan selves, then I invite you to do just that and then observe how distorted your vision is of your Black so call Afrikan selves, as you make no effort to change your life condition, Black woman and Man.

    Who will save Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan, will it be the Human Being, which is the cause for the Black so call Afrikans condition, which is now in a mental state of confusion ?

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder