Black People : If Africans desire us to Return, by the Millions they must Battle Corruption the way we battled White Supremacy so they could come here


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Nov 18, 2016
We Shed Blood Sweat Tears and Lives ,
so that all people of African blood could get , homes we could not jobs and businesses we could not , education we could not and health care , we could not as well as voting rights we did not have before the Black Power and Civil Rights Movements,
so that Millions of Africans were bale to come here since the 60s and 70s to this day, and live , without facing the hell we faced during Segregation and Jim Crow


Now if Africans on the continent desire us to come back in large numbers then they must at least make an attempt , to battle the corruption, there ,
that has millions coming here and to the EU!
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