Black Spirituality Religion : Identity mark for recognizing the human incarnation of the Lord

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    Identity mark for recognizing the human incarnation of the Lord

    The real characteristic properties of the Lord as declared by Veda are the Special Knowledge (Prajnana), the Love (Rasa or Prema) and the Bliss (Ananda). Veda also says that these three characteristics must be experienced by others if the possessor is having really those characteristics. The characteristic property of the fire is heat. Any person who is near the fire should experience the heat and then only we can say that the fire is hot. Similarly the Lord in human form must make others to experience the Jnana, Prema and Ananda. Veda says ‘Esha Hyeva Anandayati’, which means that He creates Bliss in the hearts of others. The Lord should not be recognized merely by the miracles because even demons performed these miracles. Miracles are only associated property like jewels.

    Moreover the Lord in human form always hesitates to perform the miracles unless special emergency arises. The reason for this is that the Lord is dwelling in the human form, which is a product of this nature (Prakrithi). He is living in the nature. Therefore the Lord follows the rules of the nature and these rules were formulated by Himself only. No administrator will like to contradict his own rules. Even in the emergency when He voilates the rule of the nature, He keeps the voilation as a secret. When the administrator voilates his own rule, he will not propagate about that voilation. He maintains the secrecy of the voilation. Only demons voilate frequently the rules of the nature and also advertise about the voilation because they did not frame the rules. When Lord Krishna made artificial sunset by covering the Sun with His Sudarshana Chakra, He kept it as a secret. People thought that a cloud covered the Sun. Voilating His own rule itself is a mistake.

    Exhibition of voilation of His own rule by Himself will be another mistake. In that situation the life of Arjuna who was His closest devotee was under threat. In that emergency only the Lord voilated the Prakrithi and used His super power (Maya). In the eighteen days of Mahabharatha war He never used His super power. Bhishma wounded the Lord with severe arrows. Even then the Lord did not use His super power. Therefore miracles are not the real characteristics of the Lord. Rama never performed miracles except in the case of ‘Ahalya’ and in breaking the bow of Siva. Krishna also performed the miracles in the child hood to save His own life and to save the lives of His devotees. All these situations were the cases of unavoidable emergency.
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    In these days, one can recognize the King by recognizing the ones who serve the King, since He is in them. He came before, sent by the long suffering Father on High, to sacrifice His body for our sins that we may have life and salvation. And He was resurrected back to life eternal from the dead, and has ascended to the right hand of the Father. One needs to have faith in the Father and the Son for what has been done for us all, and needs to have belief in the works of the Son and all these truths He has brought in His teachings of the Way.

    We need not think He is in the body on this earth now, because He is ascended, but only need to believe His very words, that He is with us even to the end. :)