Black Short Stories : IAM OBAMA

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    By Andre Austin

    Cast of Jokers:

    Greenberg, White House Advisor
    Zulu, Militant from Michigan
    Obama, President of the Confederate States

    Greenberg: Mr. President. The White house is still White.

    Obama: Come second term I’am gonna get black.

    Greenberg: You better get black now. The polls are against you.

    Obama: the polls don’t fight the fight and elected I do.

    Zulu: I’m boycotting the next election. The president has punted in coming up with a public works program. He wants the private sector to create jobs. Obama isn’t a savior of the economy. All he did was transfer some funds from China, print some dough and cut a check. Anybody can write a check but it takes special skill to come up with public works program.

    Obama: Time is on my side I have until 2012

    Greenberg: what about now is 2010

    Obama: the Mexicans will save me. Especially after one of our judges filed an injunction in Arizona.

    Greenberg: And the black masses think you letting them take their jobs.

    Zulu: Obama is wrong. Your using your office for extortion at the most blackmail at the least. You telling the GOP unless you get amnesty for Mexicans you will not secure the border. The right wing nuts will impeach your black *** for that. You give them citizenship and they will stop picking grapes and demand better jobs then a rush for more illegals will come in. 15 years later you will have ten more million to give citizenship to when black America the masses of us are defacto non-citizens. The talented tenth are quasi-citizens.

    Obama Obama
    What you gonna do
    When the Mexicans
    & the Tea Party come for you

    Obama: I’m gonna dance and keep on talking with my charm no one can resist.

    Zulu: So you plan on doing the moon walk right on out of the White House. Mr. President I live in Michigan and many of us are being forced to leave the state to find work. Me I’m controversial and my local community is boycotting my employment so I’m on my way out for different reasons you see. If you don’t give the Mexicans job they will leave and go home just like the blacks and other poor people will relocate. We going back to the Stone age of being nomadic hunters and gathers.

    Greenberg: The Birth of a nation cult questions your citizenship thinks you were born in Kenya and the New Black Panther Party say you ain’t black enough. If a white baby was left with a native American tribe that white person would culturally be an Indian. Likewise a black baby raised by all whites with no black help would culturally be a white man and especially if he was already half white.

    Zulu: we are getting like Germany was prior to WW11. We got a bad economy and we got Farrakhan launching his new book sticking Jewish noses in their **** they did in the past to black peoples.

    Greenberg: So Mr. president you got a gay agenda, a Latino agenda, a Jewish agenda, a bank agenda, A Car agenda but where is your black agenda???.

    Obama: hey I sent my wife to go talk to the NAACP.

    Zulu: Well Michele put her foot in her mouth by saying Jim Crow was over. She never heard of the Prison Industrial Complex. Its slowing down now only because the economy is down. For those blacks who are not branded by a prison number those with bad credit are being excluded from jobs.

    Greenberg: You are no longer practicing the politics of hope and change but fear. You tell the Mexicans to be in fear and vote democratic. Tell blacks to be in fear of the health care they can’t get until 2014.

    Zulu: You spending billions in Afghanistan to kill 50 terrorist who don’t even own a cell phone. Back in the 70’s we couldn’t whip the Vietnam when the were on a diet of rice.

    Greenberg: Tomorrow is D-Day Nov 2, election day. Well tomorrow Obama will find out what he is worth, if he stands to face his own music.

    Zulu: Well he might as well get black now. He gots nothing to loose. How deep is his blackness.

    Obama: IAM OBAMA I come from a tribe in Kenya where my father was a prince. I was born black and I will die black.
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