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    Today I'm standing on
    What I know to be true
    And for those who think otherwise
    ***** YOU
    I've hand my fair share
    Of hills and valleys
    I've loved hard in the open
    And quietly in some alleys
    I've raised children that I did not father
    For me it was my pleasure
    They are never a bother
    My oldest daughter
    I did not raise
    But she turned out great
    And to her mother
    I praise
    And I pray for others
    Before I pray for myself
    To God on high
    And no one else
    I've made mistakes
    Some I repeat
    But I won't give up
    Nor admit defeat
    I've traveled this world
    More than most
    Set foot on distant shores
    And I'm not trying to boast
    ..... See I'm taking back
    That which is rightfully mine
    My sanity
    My dreams
    And my piece of mind
    No more putting myself
    Dead last
    Some May not like it
    Can kiss my ***
    I've tried to be a good man
    And each day I get better
    It's the reason why
    I'm writing you this letter
    Today I'm standing on
    What I know to be true
    And if you don't like it
    You know what you can do!