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    I have been sitting here staring at this page for Hours… Writing and deleting and repeating the process cause I felt like it lacked the power.

    What do you think… I wanna write a poem.
    But I want it to say what you’re thinking.
    I wanna patch up the holes when your boat starts sinking.
    I wanna write that “one of a kind” poem, that “free your mind” poem,
    that “I like how you made that rhyme” poem,
    that “I like that last line” poem,
    that “Can I hear that one more time?
    (That is, if you don’t mind.)” poem.
    I wanna write that “So heartfelt, I think I know him” poem,
    that “This is so tight! I gotta go find all my friends so I can show them” poem.
    I wanna write about everything that I’ve ever wanted to be.
    I wanna write a poem so beautiful that my parents might actually start to agree.
    I wanna write about you, about me, about us, about everything from cars-and-trains-to-riding-the-bus-to-the-trailer-and-trust-the-mistakes-and-heartaches.
    I wanna talk about when I first learned to drive and I was so scared to let my foot off of the brake.
    I wanna talk about battles, about wars, about victories and losses, about ethnic cleansing, genocide, and laws penetrated by burning crosses that burnt down churches.
    I wanna write two poems for every one who has ever been told they were worthless.
    I wanna speak the unspoken.
    I wanna face everything in our world that’s broken.
    I wanna be the one that performs the Heimlich maneuver as soon as our society starts choking.
    I want my words of inspiration to inspire somebody else to be inspirational.
    I want the motivation in my voice to motivate somebody else to be motivational.
    I want my phrases to be published, documented, and quoted.
    I want people to recite my work ten years from now and have critics say “That was cool, but it wasn’t nearly as good as when he first wrote it.”
    I want husbands to thank my poems for the heart that they stole.
    And I know that this, is just some shameless attempt to petrify my soul but honestly - I don’t want to be forgotten.
    I don’t need fame.
    I don’t need fortune. I just want people to know what I stood for and why I came.
    I refuse to die a mere occupant of the Earth, a John Doe, yet another faceless man out there with no name.
    I refuse to be just some other man.
    I wanna walk for centuries, and leave my footprints in the sand for the world to see.
    I wanna be cremated into ashes of rhymes and poetry.
    I’m just feeling like one day, they’re gonna love me.
    I don’t share my emotions too often. Poetry will allow me to die with my heart on my sleeve.
    They never saw me coming, but I’ll make sure they grieve.
    When I leave.
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    the near north
    as soon as i was done reading,
    i wanted to write a poem

    but i wanna write the perfect poem
    i wanna write emotions...and color them a rainbow
    so the whole world will know i was there
    i wanna write a poem that pushes back the noises mundane makes
    i want my words to an earth quake
    ...make you quiver and shake 'til you can't relate
    to ordinary
    it's not that i'm contrary to reason, or rhyme
    but my lines are deeper than the average kind
    i wanna write a poem about the storm emotions turn your life into
    'bout a deeper truth that's truer than true
    ...a conscious poem
    'bout things like police brutality
    and the mentality it takes to bypass 'serve and protect'
    and neglect my right to live
    thinking a badge and gun gives them power
    killing brothers and sisters like cowards
    i wanna write a poem about mass-murdering brats
    caught up in suicide pacts
    coz they don't wanna die alone
    like they don't know killing is wrong
    on my own
    i see the victims of yet another shooting
    soothing family and friends of victims
    of yet another shooting
    i wanna write a poem
    not just any poem
    i wanna write 'the' poem
    not about the power of riches
    but the richness of power
    empowering our youth
    with truthfulness

    i wanna write that poem.
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    Spreading Joy.... need some?
    Sixburgh, Pa.
    I grieved when I reached the end and there was no more of your awesome ink to feed me. Excellent piece!

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    I was wanting more. Really enjoyed this