Black Poetry : I Write...

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    I write… to find the me that’s has been lost in the ages
    Hoping to catch a glimpse somewhere in the pages
    Somewhere confined in the lines, between the spaces
    Are open cages where there were once blank faces
    I write… to reflect that which is clear
    To see the me that is standing right here
    Yet the old me is still in the building, still near
    But is it really me I see in the mirror
    I write… with bold... strokes so my words are heard
    I try to make it simple these words of the neighborhood nerd
    But its these words that sets me free as a bird
    There is strength in my letters, even the small words
    I write… soaking and sinking in my addiction
    I write… for my health, my pains prescription
    I write… because sometime it’s the better thing to do
    I write… because I choose to
    I write… cause it’s the only way to get through
    I write… because of you
    I write!