Chief Elder Osiris : I Would Have Gone Madly Insane, If Not The Knowledge Of Self been My Comforter

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    I Would Have Gone Madly Insane, If Not The Knowledge Of Self been My Comforter

    Hoteph Beloved sisters and Brothers:

    For a while I have been warning you of the attitude and behavior we harbor on this inter-net, it being one of a so call buddy, buddy system, a system that serve as evidence of how divided the Black so call Afrikan is, we who rather choose disunity over Unity, one side striving to gain points over the other in our little clannish Class buddy system, seeking points of superiority over the other that none of us have.

    Oh yes my beloved Sisters and Brothers, I would have by now, gone Madly insane in my sincere to see a Nation in ruins, rise again, if not for the knowledge gained from our Ancient First way Afrikan Ancestors, those that have taught me to not be concerned about what others among us believe about that I share, but be Thankful over the fact I have been given the ability to Reason on the level that qualifies me to understand the revealed psychic of the New so call Black Afrikan and with such Knowledge, it come with an understanding of why it is we so call Afrikans act and behave toward each other as we do.

    Beloved, the so call Black Afrikan is infected with a disease that cause us to attack ourselves and relate not to each other as one Unit of a Nation, but to take vain pride in acting and behaving on an individual stomp of the Black Life and on such a stomp, it has prove to be an enemy to the so call Black Afrikan, yet we choose to ignore the wisdom of the stomp, impersonating the Mind of those that has a History of abusing and disrespecting the so call Black Afrikan.

    Yes, Yes, I speak with the exception clause in mind, because I know that there are some so call Black Afrikans that are sincere in their love and desire to See Afrika back into the Control of the so call Afrikan and the Afrikan functioning as a One definite Unit, as a Black Nation.

    Oh beloved, do I not sound strange when I say to you, oh how I desire to see the day and Time, when Afrikan people become aware of our True Identity, an awareness that will prompt the Afrikan to refrain from believing, that the Afrikan is useless, and have never amounted to anything, and that we do not need each other in order to experience the Black recovery from that which now have us striking out at each other, as if enmity between the Black Afrikan is a Natural phenomena and that we Black people do not require our respect with full dignity, from each other, a level of the Black Life living which we once lived, that now seem like a fantasy, a make believe story, about those people calling themselves Afrikan and is Black.

    My Soul, if not endowed with the knowledge of all things, dwelling in the abyss of Eternal Infinity, would not be qualified to allow me to maintain my sanity, as I observe a once great people having been reduced to the level of that the White Human Beings have convinced us to be, which is an animal, endowed with the stinging mind that express injurious desires coming from a mind that very well justify such a behavior, by teaching you that you have never been of the greater good and that it is common place to exhibit a behavior of unjustified anger, vain jealousy with an infected mind which produce an evil ego, never to contemplate a thought that would allow you to see yourselves in a state of perfect living.

    Yet with the knowledge so Divine, which allow me to know that such lies about Life, and what is required of its living, and the type of life quality that is to proceed there from, even in my Mental state of sadness with pity, grounded with Love for the so call Black Afrikan, thus for myself, would I not go madly insane from what I see of the so call Afrikan attitude and behavior toward each other in the world today, if I had not been given the ability to recognize the Divine Information that flow from the perfect soul, to a divine Mind, that which is capable of knowing with understanding that which the Soul reveal to us, without us attempting to put our profane spin on such Divine information, a trick inherit from the Mind of the Human Being.

    Come now beloved, our task is demanding of us to confront, and unless we confront the task that is before us Black people, and confront our task with a sense and knowledge of unity in action, with urgency, the Black Nation remain traveling up the path we now travel, and if honest with ourselves, taking the individual syndrome out of the equation, then we must admit, traveling our now path, keep us with a destination with a life of abuse coming from all others, including ourselves, misery, sickness, hunger and death, as we now live with somebody else mind enclosed within us Black people and such a mind comfort us with lies and acts of deception, while we are placed in the bed of denial, concerning the Truth and Reality of Black folks condition in the world today, a condition that allow us to attack each other without regard of the consequence caused to the entire Black Nation, such being a Nation without love and respect for each other, to the extent it will cause us to not unite with each other, a unity needed, so that we will be qualified to defend ourselves against all evil that now confront the Black divided Nation.

    So, beloved, without the True Knowledge of ourselves and a respect for the principals of the Universe, which is Order, Balance and Harmony, the Black Nation will continue to pretend that we are what we are not and that we know what we know not and such a pretense, serve to the detriment of Black people, because it allow Black people to continue a life of belief and on such a mental level, observe the status and a state of condition of Black people calling ourselves Afrikans today.

    Beloved, my respect and Love for you Black people, who have been taken through so much, is Divinely Pure.

    Here is Loving you

    Chief Elder