Black People : I Wonder Where Does Descendants Of Black Slave Owners Live Now


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Apr 7, 2013
no apparently folks who dont know how to play poker, 21 or bacarat, dont show their hand if they have a losing one, they just put their cards in their pocket or pocketbook, and escape out the window, when the other gamblers arent looking;

It is one thing to "debate." It is quite another to present for debate, LIES, LIBEL and SLANDER of your own people. That, Denzel and the students of his class would NEVER have done. They were about showing how high members of the race could go, how quick, nimble and intellectual are our minds, not about dragging out as if they were fact, racists' lies about the race.


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Dec 31, 2009
Sorry, but I don't trust any website where the table of contents reads like this: Home, Black Save Owners, The Grand Union, Ashville Declaration, The Case for Modern Secession, Confederate Constitution, Northern Atrocities, Ex-Slaves and the Old South, etc. Sounds a lil too much like something Stormfront would publish for naïve black folk to spread their propaganda around. :wave:

BBllack Slave Owners
The Grand Union
The Ashville Declaration
Names of minorities in the CS army
The Case for Modern Secession
Confederate Constitution
Northern Atrocities
Confronting the lies (part 1)
Confronting the lies (part 2)
Ex-slaves and the Old South


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