Black Poetry : I Women The Mind , I Women reclaim My Rightful Place

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    I Reclaim My Rightful Place
    By Jacqueline Amos

    I the universe, the womb of creations,
    I shall never deny my self,
    of my inheritance of creations,
    I was created with two wombs,
    one the mind, the light,
    the second the foundation of creations,
    I am the link between,
    the heavens an earth,

    there is no dress rehearsal of my obligations,
    to my inner spirit,
    an my fruits of my fathers garden,
    great spirits who has felt the belly of the beast,
    but yet I sing of rebirth, my arms are long,
    and my back is strong,
    I walk with the scars,

    of man’s disregards.
    I am the incubator of all his hopes,
    and dreams, fruits and liquids,
    from my father’s garden of faith.
    Bowing to honor only one God,
    not man for he is sometimes his own disgrace.

    Sisters are crying there is no hiding place,
    to close the wounds,
    of man’s dishonor of her rightful place.
    The bond is no longer there as she cries,
    give me love are give me death.
    The battle fields that she has fought,

    to keep him alive, which he frowns upon,
    her with no regards.
    Motherless children without a father,
    whom he promised her love,
    before she became with child.
    Where is the loyalty to his hope chest,
    and his family pride?
    No longer shall I take the heat,
    for his own like of dignity,
    crying the words of our ancestors,
    with no respect for there beliefs.
    I have felt the pain of civilization,

    I have humbled to man,
    in honor of his name.
    My windows are fogged;
    there is no hiding place,
    that I might hide this shame ,
    of my own disregards.

    Father of the Universe,
    Mother of rebirth.
    Lifelines we must break the curse,
    of self-disgrace.
    Women to Women,
    we must clean up our back yard.
    Harvesting the temple,
    which we live,
    flowing the words of wisdom,
    it must take place,
    the symbol of women,
    must never be tarnished are befouled.

    The responsibility of women,
    the rights of rebirth,

    revitalizing the word love,
    must be implemented in its rightful place.
    It must begin in the temple,
    which we live.
    Messages from the heavens,
    are crying,
    we must nourish the souls of our temple,
    before love an honor takes place.
    Maintaining control,
    our babies are dying,
    whom shall we blame, without honor to self,
    the seeds will forfeit honor in this universe.

    Resurrection must take place now,
    are women and men shall be erase.
    Prosperity in the hand of women.
    Our incubations must be rejuvenated,
    before we loose our rightful place.
    The essence ,of the African American women,
    must stand in honor,
    an all women of different race.

    Copywriter 2002

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