Black Poetry : I Will Shed Your Tears

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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    Feeling like you are suffocating
    No relief in sight
    Everything is being drained from you
    Yet nothing is going in to restore you
    The one place where you should
    find peace and security
    Has become a battleground
    A Home is not a home
    And it certainly isn't sweet
    For feelings of deception and manipulation
    Have taken up residence
    And so I continue to cry for you
    So that you won't have to
    The heaviness
    Of the heart
    I will share it with you
    When others don't seem to comprehend
    What you are going through
    I will be in this fight with you
    So that when you need to retreat to your corner
    And regroup
    My words will comfort and encourage you to fight on
    I have no doubt that when it's all over
    You will be the winner
    And the battle scars will fade
    I'm with you until the end
    Because you need someone to cry for you
    So you don't have to
    And this may seem like mere words to a poem
    But I assure you it's not
    For I feel pain
    When you are in pain
    I feel heartbroken
    When your heart is broken
    Guess that's the connection we share
    So when you wish to cry...don't
    Let me cry for you
    So you won't have to.