Chief Elder Osiris : I Will Never Forget The Evil And Horror Of chattel Slavery

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

Beloved, you know, when you are real with yourself and pleased with your
genetic reality, one need no one to affirm, approve or deny who you are or
define and sanction your Afrikinity, your Blackness.

My test of who I am is my biology and the thoughts that verify it and when I
say I am Afrikan, that mean inside as well as outside and I need no second
the motion from anybody.

Now beloved I have said that to say this, no true Afrikan will ever attempt
to belittle or demean the action of the transatlantic Enslavement round-up,
I refuse to classify such evil as a trading event, as if there was a
gentlemen agreement that took place for the Enslavement of our Afrikan

It does not matter to me if every Afrikan in Afrika choose to disrespect,
minimize or forget the happening that took place during that evil act in
Time and I do not need anybody acknowledgement of the evil and unacceptable
behavior that took place within the heart and mind of men that allowed them
to go into another people land and enforce their will upon them for selfish
gain and the fact that they appeared different in pigment to them, which
made their action a Racist act of evil.

Yes, hell no, as long as I have breath in my body, I will not allow the evil
our Afrikan Ancestors suffered and endured under one of the most barbaric
institution of evil, enforced by mankind and they called it the institution
of Chattel slavery.

Yes every castle that bare the sign of burden and carry the energy spirit of
our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, should be forever memorialized and not allow
the Afrikan world to ever forget what men who are different from us based on
pigment and a unsettle mentality will do in the name of god, selfish gain
and the mind of racial superiority over us Black Afrikans.

I do not need the white man to qualify anything about or in my life, nor are
they a major player in determining the decision I make about my Black
Afrikan Life and one decision I have made is that the creators, implementers
and enforcers of that devilish institution call Chattel Slavery, referring
to my Ancestors, has a duty, and an obligation to acknowledge their evil
acts against my Enslaved Ancestors, by paying Reparation to them for all the
suffering, tears, pain unto death they did suffer in the name of america but
never were their suffering done willingly for america.

No white man hold the decision as to whether such a payment will be made to
our Enslaved ancestors, we must refuse to give them such power.

Reparation will come when we are ready for it to come and such require a
oneness of mind among us, the children of the middle passage.

What poor excuse of an Afrikan, be you in america, here by way of the middle
passage or there in Afrika, will attempt to refute the Right or negate the
importance of Reparation payment to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors and will
attempt to take the Time to justify such opposition.

Only a foolish and shameless Afrikan would attempt to do such a thing, all
dressed up in their western miss-education cloths, calling themselves
Afrikan intellectual while Afrika and the Afrikan Nation is split asunder,
not having a piss pot to claim as our own, as we depend upon the very forces
of evil that have Enslaved our Afrikan Ancestors and succeeded in implanting
such a distorted view of the Afrikan self about our selves, having no
disgrace or animosity toward the evil enforcers that have destroyed the
Afrikan original way of thinking, thus way of Life.

Get away from me with the white man teaching about the past, as he tell us
Afrikans to forget about the past, let it go, we have only the future to
look forward to and if that is true for the Afrikan, then hell will continue
to be our fury.

Afrikan!, Black man!, do you not know that our Afrikan past is our Present
and it is the past present that will give us the pleasantry of our past life
living and I speak of the past time before Evil was allowed to enter our
House under false pretense.

Black Afrikan, yes I say Black! because such a description can none other so
claim, do you not know of the life our Ancient Ancestors lived before the
coming of our Fall and I speak of the Time of pre Egyptian and predynastic
period, do you not know that you lived way before such Time and you lived a
life of splendor, comfort, joy and peace, living in the best of dwelling and
not shanty town of grass huts that is so commonly identified with us
Afrikans today?

What Afrikan fool would deny the true Afrikan culture traditional heritage,
now totally unaware of the fact we carry those genes within the genome of
our Being and it does not matter how the white man and other than yourself
attempted to break into our genetic bank, the Afrikan Ancestors maintain
their serenity and independence from the evil act of race assimilation.

Black Afrikan! Do you not know that you are what you Think!!!

Beloved, your thoughts determine your Life path and the quality of life you
will live, why do you think the reason the forces of evil all Time
concentrate on our mind thoughts and never cease from influencing what you
think you think in and about your Black Afrikan life?

Now here we are taking a pro and con side in regard to the justification of
Reparation for our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors and is allowing all type of
sick notion be placed in our mind, about what it truly mean and represent.

Reparation is about our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors period, nothing more and
nothing less and it is about restoring and repairing the Afrikan Nation and
Afrika, it represent the Human equivalent to Justice, independence and
Freedom, such Rights are deserving to the Afrikan descendants of our
Enslaved ancestors as well as to Afrika and the Afrikans at home.

Beloved, it is written, the way we came to america as AFrikan people, not
the condition I speak of, it is the same way we must return home, together
as one homogeny group, some what transformed but still innately Afrikan, in
soul ( thought and Spirit ( action )

We the children of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors are deserving of more than
a band welcome and a parcel of land back in Afrika, our Enslaved Afrikan
Ancestors is deserving of more than than that, we are deserving of returning
as the next additional State to Afrika, a state capable of being solvent
with the Reparation our Enslaved ancestors have earned and left to us their
children and yes we do have legal right to the land of Afrika, just as much
as those who did not make the middle passage journey, we are not deserving
to be looked upon as if we need a favor from Afrika, we are deserving of
being accepted as having a natural born right to share the land of Afrika
and all of those who are there and do not have a natural born right to be
there must go !!!

Oh No! not I my dear beloved, I will never forget the evil and horror of
Chattel Slavery and I am not in business of making comparison with others
who have and still is suffering, our obligation and goal is to bring sanity
and Spiritual enlightenment back to the Holy land and people of Afrika, the
carbon Being of that Land call Afrika.

It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

Honor,Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant,Political Revolutionary
National Chairman

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