Black People : I watched our brothers get beaten to pulp...

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    I recently came to know my house-mate's brother, who happens to be an ardent supporter white nationalism. He even goes as far as to say the black man are the cause of all the suffering in the country. I tried to share my thoughts with him, and explain what equality was about, but he would have none of it, and only insulted blacks even more. What's worse is that he berated me and humiliated me in front of a huge crowd in a party because I just asked why he was so against the white people. I mean come on, what is his problem?

    I thought that he'd at least have some decency to discuss the topic with me. Then I realized that he was just the scum that I would love to hate. I realized that to make a statement, I'd have to break him somehow.

    Then I found out from my housemate that the reason why he didn't care about who he annoyed or hurt was because he had a mental condition which she described as "multiple personality" disorder, which I think is just a way of saying that he has an EXCUSE to be an *******. Add that to the fact that he has already pretty much turned almost everyone who knows me against me, saying that he'd rather "see ******* dead and rotting".

    The worst part of it came at two in the morning, when he and some of his mates went on a rampage, walked by the local mission and beat on two helpless black people who were sitting outside the mission minding their own business! I was horrified as I watched from the window, and called the police, but by the time I'd got to the phone they were on their way back.

    So I humbly ask you now for your support! I fear for my safety, so I moved out. But now the anger is kindled within me, and I want to get back at him! I know now that he has a mental disorder, be it multiple personalities or schizo or whatever, he doesn't care at all, I've seen it in his eyes. I planned to use that information against him, but I know I cannot do it alone.

    I searched his facebook and found that he indeed goes to St. Louis University. His name is << Name Removed >>. He is our enemy, I want him to suffer! Please, I beseech you, help me do this!
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    Blubba ... you're on the verge of getting banned. Welcome.


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    Wow , Seems like to me, That you have to be just like HIM, to get him. Be careful, Monsters are easierly created !! smh