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    I was moved to write this this morning

    Please see below my response.

    Hoteph My Dear Beloved David:

    Brother I understand your frustration and maybe disappointment in america, but I do not share such emotion, because I do not expect anything from america other than what you have so eloquently presented to us here, regarding its behavior toward Black and poor people.

    We have given america approximately five Hundred Years to change its behavior and attitude toward Black and poor people and nothing worthwhile has happen, and your Missive point, serve as evidence that such be the case, but this is what really perplex me as a Black Divine Black Afrikan Nationalist, as I observe the willingness, stamina and seemingly unending determination that Black People of the Middle Passage has, when it come to having the ability to wait on america to change its capitalist, Racist, Prejudice and Discriminative behavioral attitude toward Black people, and poor people in general, without entertaining an alternative strategy and plan of action that will put us out of such an environment which your Missive so describe, which I wholeheartedly agree with, such is my perplexities.

    Beloved, america is a racist capitalist environment which is in no way conducive to Black people, regardless of how deeply, over four hundred years of abusively love we hold for america, and of course you know that white people are the original symbol of america, meaning we have developed an insatiable love for those other people, to the extent we are unable of Thinking Rational, and if we did, it would enlighten Black people to the fact that america is as you have so described, yet we love white people so deeply to the extent that we refuse to Think of not being under their subjection, and it is that blind love that prevent us Black Folks from entertaining a viable alternative to the Mental and physical abuse we still experience in america by america core, which are white men that despise Black people and consider poor people to be their slaves.

    Yet we attempt to justify our ignorance by implying that we now have as much right to america than the thieves themselves, calling themselves americans, and we disrespectfully use the Enslavement of our Ancestors to make such an insane claim to america.

    Beloved, Reparation is the only justified salvation for Black people in america, here by way of the middle passage and Repatriation is our life line and statehood in Afrika represent our sovereignty and Liberation from america will be our Justice, yet such dynamics Black Folks despise, because it interfere with the Black Love that run so deeply for america, ( white people )

    Thank you beloved and I do desire that you experience the change you no doubt long for, yet I must tell you the Truth, that change will not be enjoyed in america, it is not designed to be so..

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder

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    "Min. W.D. Patterson" <[email protected]> wrote:

    David Martin <[email protected]> wrote:
    Something I woke up writing this morning. It took me about an hour and a half. I was really moved to write this, even though it can be controversial.


    A friend asked why the USA does not have healthcare for all, while no democratic countries do. This hit close to home because I am a disabled veteran with limited healthcare and my wife is on social security disability because of her bout with cervical cancer and she has none! This is total bullsh--t!

    If a black man, black woman, white woman or any other American ethnic group had the power to dictate the laws in America, we would all have health care.

    Notice I left out white AMERICAN men. Believe me, I know, not all white American men are this evil. However, I do know that a very large majority of those in a position of POWER are!

    What they all have in common is a greed for money and power. If they actually had a decent bone in their bodies, they would formulate arguments for HAVING healthcare for all instead of wasting their energies on formulating arguments for WHY NOT. This reverting to slavery as another basis for an argument is old, but serves as a legitimate reason for why this idiocy in thinking by our mislead brothers (white American men) continues.

    They are taught from specialized private schools and preferential treatment while growing up that they are leaders. Then they are molded into a group of privileged subjects in our society. They then get used to this treatment, so that any threats to this psychological thinking are met by friction, a denial that this is the case. If this conditioning is effective, they are not even aware that they are acting in this way, until someone points it out. What then results is a belittling of the messenger; denial at its extreme or anything other type of protective mechanism serving to deny this realization.

    Just like any abuser, they will then turn the tables around and make it as if the one who is being victimized (anyone in their world) is the actual culprit and that they are the actual victims. Just like an abusive spouse makes some of the dumbest statements, as viewed by; so too are dumb statements made by privileged white men with power when they try and justify their continual human rights violations of black men, women and other minority groups, from the view of societies that are looking from the outside-in (Europe).

    An analogy would be a family member or friend clearly seeing how ridiculous abusive spouses’ arguments are to their victim. Excuses like, “Honey, I didn't mean to hit you,” or “You made me do it,” or “You shouldn't have acted that way and made my fist smack in the face,” and of course, “See, it's your fault not mine because you made me do it. We can see the absurdity in such an argument to justify such behavior, but the victim has been so conditionally traumatized that they cannot and in extreme cases, internalizes this abuse and blames themselves.

    I argue that our society of blacks and women have been the subjects of a similar conditioning, at the hands a privileged white men.

    An analogy would be an outside society like Canada or Europe, clearly seeing how ridiculous privileged white men’s’ arguments are to their victims. Excuses like, “Scientific studies show that blacks are an inferior race,” or “You are too angry to be a leader, see how you reacted, when I called you ******?” or “You shouldn't have acted that way that’s why the police beat you,” and of course, “See, it's your fault not mine because you are black and I am white (everyone knows, black is bad and soiled, while white is good and pure.)

    They will pit one against another, divisiveness. The reason for this is, if the two victimized groups were to become friends they would unite under a common cause, against a common abuser and that would be a threat to their policy of abuse. They keep them apart by creating stigmas to devalue each group by categorizing and labeling them. A common joke within the circles of blacks after 9/11 was that now there was another “*****” on the block. White-America would now subject Arabs to lower echelons of our society. Well, the privileged white-me, as we knew would be the case, found a way around that. Now, that label has been increased to include Muslims. So, blacks are back to being on the bottom again, categorization.

    Anyway, you look at it “profiling” is wrong and should be condemned. This is yet another tool used in perpetuating hierarchical relationships throughout our society, so that blacks would always be in a position of servitude to privileged white men.

    Privileged white men create competition for the scraps left by them after they had taken their share of resources; again by creating hierarchical structures. They treat us like animals; like dogs and I believe they actually gain pleasure out of watching us entertain them with our competition against each other. Maybe this is why “black on white” crime is more heavily enforced than “black on black” crime.

    However, privileged white men became too greedy, by sacrificing their own

    They learned this process of manipulating groups, by observing the interaction of blacks and poor whites, when slavery was abolished and blacks began to populate the work force. Black labor was much cheaper, so capitalist loved hiring blacks over whites. What happened is that poor whites became the most violent against blacks, an emotional violence whereas capitalists just wanted to stay on top.

    Poor whites were more emotional because they were conditioned to be privileged, but then this privilege was taken away. They saw blacks as the culprit, not realizing that the real culprit was privileged white men. How would any of us feel, if a certain group were viewed as taken bread off our tables? Well, ask the West Germans.

    The Berlin Wall came down in late 1989. The East-Germans flowed into West Germany getting all of the jobs, the housing, and the money. Then Germany went into a recession. Joblessness was at an all-time high. Not since Hitler started spreading propaganda against the Jewish people, because Germany was experiencing a recession at that time, had times been so dire.

    Hitler played on the anger by the German people and made the Jewish people the scapegoat. What followed was the Holocaust.

    Privileged white men pitted poor whites against freed slaves. Newly freed black slaves were blamed for their dire situation, when the real culprit was greedy privileged white men who just wanted to increase their profits. Hiring blacks for nothing, doing the work poor whites and middle-class whites had previously done, increased privileged whites wealth and power. Make no doubt about it; these privileged white men would sell out their own mother, and they are still in a position of power today, practicing the same cutthroat policies.

    Just think about it, everyone. White men, those not in a position of power, have been victimized too, but they just have not figured it out. Helping each other makes the whole nation better. It is all about legislating policies that will end this abuse of our nation. People need to wake up and stop feeling so helpless and weak and use the intelligence they have to initiate change. This change starts with making your voices heard and letting those that have abused know that we are no longer ignorant to their abuse.

    Now, back to healthcare for all:

    We always get the same basic premise that in order to have a successful democracy, which is supported by capitalism, which is good; we need to keep important life preserving resources such as healthcare and housing competitive, which is bad. We can have both, but some resources need to be protected from a capitalistic dictate. Schooling (because to remain competitive in the world we need all of our brilliant minds to compete, not just the privileged); healthcare (Because we need a healthy nation, which will keep us competitive with the rest of the world. Social Security is in trouble because we do not have a big enough workforce to support of baby booming elderly); Housing (We need shelter in order to survive).

    Ridiculous arguments by abusers like, “We cannot have healthcare, housing and schooling available only to privileged American white males because they are the only ones that will spread the wealth.” This was used during President Reagan’s presidency in the 1980s. They called in the “Trickle down” theory. Privileged white men got richer and the nation got poorer. We went into a huge deficit and really have not recovered since.

    Why did this happen? This happened because we as a society were too ignorant to realize that we gave the money to the wolf. That is like you being an abused wife who husband is the chief of police. If he has the power, who is going to protect you? He may have done all of the right things to rise in the ranks, but more important characteristics were ignored. His psyche evaluation may have given cause for alarm, but was ignored, allowing for his rise in power. He then kills his wife, then who is too blame? We are.

    We are becoming intimidated as a nation because we allowed a political party to do the job of terrorists. They have helped the terrorist realize their goals. We are no longer behaving as Americans but as scared little children. They have successfully disrupted our society and have been allowed to do so because we have greedy politicians that see war as a way of increasing the money in their pockets. This war has cost America billions. If ever there is a crime, the rule has always been to “follow the money.” Where have all of these billions landed? Who has suffered because of this redirecting of funds? Well, I can tell you one group that has suffered. The Hurricane Katrina victims. Money already congressionally mandated for Hurricane Katrina victims was redirected to Halliburton and other privileged white men. Monies mandated for dikes, to protect New Orleans residents. All because of greed. Still today, there is money promised to Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana that the president will not release. Why, because he has already given this congressionally mandated money to his people, which is criminally wrong. This is an impeachable offense, yet no one is acting on this.

    The aftermath of the President Nixon resignation was a congressional bill to protect the U.S. from such an over stepping of the president. This president has chosen to spit on our Congress. Why are we allowing this? Because he is, a white privileged male that wields power this nation is too weak, too cowardly, or too racistly conditioned to confront.

    We have divided the world and become weaker as a world and as a nation because thugs intimidated us and a thug within our system has justified with acknowledging them. We sacrificed all good to make a deal with the devil. Doesn’t anyone remember the fact that the devil is a liar? We are coming apart from the inside out because we are fixated on a problem that holds no light to the real problem from within our society, privileged white men that would sell out their own mother.

    Again, their ridiculous argument, “We have too keep the wealth in the hands of privileged white men, because if they didn’t have it, that would cripple our society. Who in their right mind believes that bullsh--; even those that profess liberalism as their driving force will support such idiocy. Hypocrisy!

    Hypocrisy is what drives America and until we accept that this stupidity has been the reason for us all not getting along, the wheels of hypocrisy will turn around and around. We will be locked in this ethos of idiocy until the end of time.

    We need a woman president or a man of color, to break this chain and create a better world for our next generation. The only question is who has the balls to speak out and get the job done? I think a white woman, a black woman or a man of color. We need to show these people how to lead, which apparently they know nothing about. To lead you care for all, not just yourself.

    This is hard to digest, but just think about it.

    Wardell D. Patterson, [UW SR. CLASS 2001 GIFT COUNCIL]
    "As a young man, my fondest dream was to become a geographer..." -Albert Einstein