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Nov 6, 2003
I'm not a hoodlum or a thug
Nor deceptive or violent by nature
I'd rather create these expressions
With these thoughts, on pen and paper
Or perhaps sit & cuddle with my lady
For these are moments I savor
Or better still, be giving my praise
To Christ my Lord and savior

I'd rather try to follow the rules
Even ones hard to obey
Time & experience has taught me
Life is so much easier that way
Open my eyes to clear blue skies
Instead of dirty murky gray
Spending time doing good things I like
Instead of time locked away

I am sharing this expression
Because I've known such strife
Spending much time an energy
Just wasting away my life
I was always running the streets
Creeping, cheating on my wife
My reputation was being punctured
And, I was holding the knife

I began upgrading my credentials
Began improving my education
Though, I had so many questions
I began seeking good explanations
Working for a brighter future
While trying to maintain patience
Do good and good things happen
And now, I’m in anticipation

I'd taken my share of losses
Many lesson I’d have to learn
Respect and trust aren't given
Instead, they must be earned
They're what I feel I now deserve
Like tables have now been turned
I've stepped away from evil's fire
'Cause, I was tired of being burned

I’m walking a different direction
Opposite of the ways of my past
Now, I’m seeking good advice
I’m no longer afraid to ask
I’m on my way to the other side
I'm walking on greener grass
I starting to see better days
I'm praying they will last


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