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    I seen a picture of a young boy. It was his birthday and the pictures was something his mom took. Dressed in clothes that made him seem more mature that 4…. Looking like a young thug, like a criminal in the making. A product of his environment. Correction a product of his mother who finds it cute to dress 4yr old in such a manner. I guess you can tell what kind of men she’s into. What happen to the innocence of young boys when they just wanted the shoes to light up.. They wore cartoon characters and close that fit. When all they wanted to do is go outside and play and could do it all day. I guess you can’t expect much when the mother is steering the ship headed for a life that will either have him in prison or dead.

    I want to write not to just show how clever I can use adjectives, verbs and nouns.
    I want to write that when I spit it with the speed of light but with the ability to slow it down.
    I want to write something that scratches more than just the surface and reaches you very core.
    I want to write something that has more than just depth but purpose, and you ask for more.
    I want to stir an emotion so deep that it causes you to do right even in the face of wrong.
    I want to write something that causes you to get off the bandwagon and stop just going along.
    I want to write something that allows me to express the feeling that have been suppressed behind these bars that encases my heart, cause heart break is heavy and I have been carrying this load for far too long.
    I want to write about how a heart was broke and the then words “it’s going to be okay” never feels that way, and that for some people heartache can last a lifetime, or so it seems.
    I want to write something speaks volumes as to each tear drop that I fight back and not allow to fall down my face as if crying makes me seem weak. Cause I know I’m not, just at times I can be too deep.
    I want to write…
    I want to write to a generation that seems to think there something funny about seeing our own people fighting in the street. And yet we repost and repost as the echo of what’s right about this fades.. and we fight each other over words, over reasons that make no sense. Why not use those fist at the next protest. Use those blows to fight all the injustices of this world. Seems like we all forgot about back in Africa all the missing girls.
    I want to write…
    Write about the three little kids that was struck down and killed on Halloween night by a driver that refused to stop or even slow down, when all they was expecting was a little trick or treat and ended up with the trick. Families torn, broken all because of some speeding idiot.
    I want to write about how easily we will cast the first stone, or yet boulders as if we are guilt free. And how I refuse to sit when standing in required.
    I want to write about all the sacrifices my mother made just so we could have a little bit of nothing but grounded, that she gave up her having a personal life in order to make sure we was well rounded.
    I want to write how the day I graduated from high school none of my family was there. How I had to wait for everyone else to leave so they would see me catching the bus home. To this day it bothers me as if there was something more important but I block it out and tell myself “I don’t care”.
    I want to write about life about how it’s not always fair, and that it is what you make it is just another excuse, you have to seize it you have to take it.
    I want to write to my children to tell them that their dreams can come true and they will only become a failure when they quit on their dreams. Scientist only stumble upon success after countless times when they get it wrong so don’t be afraid to fail.
    I want to write…
    I want to write to where you get the point even after I drive it into the ground
    And until I can write something like this, I will put my pen down…