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Jun 24, 2007

The spiritual centre of morality in Europe, the Catholic Church of Rome, declared in the 1400s that Africans had no soul. The Church gave Europeans the license to molest, enslave and brutalise Africans. The Europeans were on a mission to destroy the devil inside African at the cost of their own humanity

The Church has left a vile and dirty footprint in history and it will take more than a simple apology for it to be cleaned. It took almost over 500 years for the church to recognised that they had committed a sin, and they need to repent by first apologising. Why has this taken so long?

Imagine what will happen when judgement day comes. Ignorance will be pleaded as if it were a mass epidemic throughout Europe for over 500 years. Common excuses will be:

Errr, I saw them talk, walk and bleed but I really did not think they were human so I thought it was okay to kill them for fun.

Errr, I knew they were animals so I thought that it was okay to rape the boys and girls. I never raped anyone under the age of five though.

Errr, I’m not like others, I did not own any slaves, I did not rape any slaves, hell I did not even meet any slaves. I just worked hard all my life buying and selling sugar.

Errr, I know I should not kill but my government said we had to protect and improve our standard of living for the glory of our country.

Errr, well they should be glad we came and rescued you from eating each other and throwing spears at one another.

Errr, I felt the trip would do you some good. Get out see the world.

Errr we didnt think it would last 400 years and wreak havoc on the lives of those afflicted and their offspring for centuries after it ended

Errr, dammit I'm honest! I was hungry! Times were hard in Europe! No food and too many civil wars

Errr. didn't the Bible say Ham was Black and therefore had to live a cursed life for the rest of eternity or something like that, wasn't this your will

Errr, how dare you, we abolished slavery ..... yeah we stopped it after 400 years, when we realised it was bad

Errr. they sold each other, so I didn't see the harm in participating and increasing the violence,

Errr, shhhhhhhhhh, they don’t remember, why’d you have to bring that up

Errr, what, we have always settled our issues with violence

Ignorance is pleaded because it sounds a lot better than, bad, wicked, evil, malevolent, satanic or genocide. Ignorance is used to relinquish responsibility for crimes against humanity. It is comical to believe that 500 years of ignorance is plausible.

Most Europeans and Africans are Christians today and this is why the Church is not given the true contempt it deserves.


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