Black Poetry : I wanna wear you


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
I like to get dressed in ur name
wear ur love for thy could claim
wrap ya heart around my soul
accept ya words for they be gold

I wanna wear ya emotions
where i could release my devotion
take all da beauty in charm
and hold you deep inside my arms

I wanna compose ya loyality to it's mold
while we venture and take this stroll
let me connect mentally
so we can feel it spiritually

I wanna wear them deep brown eyez
so i can see all da depth inside
to roam free and happily
and taste da flava of ya sensuality

I wanna be ur blanket to cover you
comfort and caress you too
be ya pillow where u lay ya head
da soft sheets on ya bed

I wanna wear you like a red rose
one i'll savior deep in memory
I wanna wrap da essence of u round me
for da world to gracefully see

I wanna be thou embracement
change pain and sadness
to a joy and upliftment
and display happiness

I just wanna wear you !

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