Black Poetry : I Wanna' Make You Nut'

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    I really want to satisfy that naughty look in your eye
    Get freaky with you, and make you cream you thighs
    Rub you the right way and swirl your ****oral hood
    Then afterwards, put my fingers in my mouth, 'cuase they're finger lickin' good
    I want to you to loosen up, and lay down your fears
    As I kiss your neck, and suck the rims of your ears
    Lick your chin and gently bite your bottom lip
    All the while, swirlin' the erogenous zones in beween your hips
    I want to lay you down like hour glass sand
    And like an M&M, have you melt in my mouth and not in my hand
    As I make my way to your bodys' geographical south
    Putting your hot wet p*ssy in my mouth
    I want to suck and tounge **** you 'till I get perenial ooze
    Make you cum just by thinkin' about it, and come out of yo' shoes
    I want to be your freak daddy, your sex slave,... your male ****
    I want to get in between your legs and make you nut'

    Lets play a game of fore play that makes your mind sweat
    That has your legs rubbing together, and makes your p*ssy wet
    Without ******', see how close to orgasm you get
    Shall we **** now,... not just yet
    I want to put your nipple in between my two front teeth and tounge
    Sending your heart racing, and on the run
    Suckin' your titties while finger ******' your vagina
    Makin' you hot like summer-time in South Carolina
    I want to feel your sex juices on my finger tips
    As I make your hips dance,... rise and dip
    Swirlin' your cl!toris and G-spot at the same time
    So that you'll be ready to bus' a nut at the drop of a dime
    I want to bring you to the edge,... so that you're ready to give salted butta'
    Beckoning me to enter with my center piece with the words that you utta'
    I want to tickle your twat and make your p*ssy say "What?!?!"
    I want you to be ready, so I can **** you and make you nut'

    I want to make you feel my rhythmic song
    As I **** you hard and fast,... long and strong
    Make parts of your body wiggle jiggle and shake
    Bump bounce bend and swirve as we sexually recreate
    I want to make you c*m hard, and not pretend
    Lubricate my male endowment, and make you cum again
    I want to juice your p*ssy like lemon halves
    Make you nut' so good, your toes twitch, and your body laughs
    Let me grab your hips as I repeatedly insert my mass
    Pelvically pumping your p*ssy and slappin' yo' @ss
    With a grip that is strong, nice and tight
    Makin' sure that I hit the main spot just right
    Go 'head, pop that juicy white that makes your thighs twitch
    Makin' your gluteus maximus squirm, swirve and switch
    White cream running down your thighs from the base of your butt
    Thats exactly how I wanna' make you nut'

    Orgasmic swells overflow your banks
    Your p*ssy spits up, expressing its thanks
    Your body is at ease, culminating this passions throw
    All with a release of orgasmic flow
    I made you nut', in this, our private time
    The pleasure was yours as it was mine
    And what was once a horny peach ready to be f*cked in stride
    Is now a throbbing p*ssy, salted and satisfied
    Now let me lick you all over, now and then
    With the intent of making you horny again
    My hands rubbin' you the right way in between your hips
    My mouth makin' hors d'oeuvres of tender ***** tips
    I want to make your body temperature rise once more
    And when you're ready, you can invite me into your core
    So that I can have another chance to pleasure your vaginal cut
    On the real, I just don't want to **** you,... I wanna' make you nut'

    Written by: K-JiO
    (c) 2002
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    this is adulterated content

    what you think Destee :lol:

    o lawd :confused:
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    Yeah,... its kinda nasty I know. I expect this thread to sink to the bottom very quickly,... but you can't say that its boring ;)