Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : I think I may have stumble on a treatment for Vitilago.


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Dec 31, 2009
After creating a homemade version of barrier oil which Includes petroleum jell, and polydimethylysiloxane to use before a bath as protection against the chlorine in the water I decided to add other ingredients that I had around the house such as activated charcoal, 100 % turpentine and polyenthylene glycol which is a carrier oil, and apply it to my skin as well. I notice that a tiny spot of vitilago on my knee had started to look dull and that the brightness was less pronounced. I definitely don't think it's a cure but the mixture seemed to have an affect on the vitilago spot. I think that It might have been the carrier oil, polyethylene glycol, that carried the activated charcol deep within the skin tissue that caused it.
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