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Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by Da Street So'ja, Mar 25, 2007.

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    has anyone seen this movie starring Chris Rock?

    i understand the basis of the movie, but

    what i don't understand is how they used the term "nig-ga ears" when referring to black music?

    the underline reference to this term was: a listerner with "nig-ga ears" of listens to "black music"

    i thought this to be low class

    errybody likes what they like

    indians listen to indian music, chinese people listen to chinese music

    you like what you like.

    now not to tell you the movie if you haven't seen it, i want to say that

    the so called mistress tells chris has "nig-ga ears" for listening to Levert, Patti Labelle, Luther Vandross? you know white people make music too. he said i like George Michael, she says that doesn't count.

    then later in the movie chris tells the so called mistress you have "nig-ga ears" for listening to old school hip hop/artists like and i quote "somebody around has "nig-ga ears" for listening to Biz Markie's greastest hits"

    didn't find this funny at all

    you made to feel silly for liking your own music but i thinks anybody that listens to music has sample most types of music and afterall music is universal, but hey i love my rap

    and the elevator scences were unnecessary and ignorant more then anything

    overall i thought the movie had a slow pace

    especially ironic because Chris Rocks stars in the movie and directs the movie as well

    it had some laughs

    it's definitely not a kiddy movie

    i didn't feel like i wasted my money so it wasn't that bad for me

    i thought the movie as a whole as okay, and its' emphasis on trying to keep

    family strong

    when a white man holds a quarter (coin) up to you, you better listen boy