Black Poetry : I think I betta let him go! I'm Baaaaaaaaack!!!!

Nita said:
I think I betta let him go

See I met him back in ' 94
If I knew how he'd turn then
Id'a kicked him in his chin
I wasn't really feelin ya,
I said why not?
See I don't do drugs
that day I musta smoked pot :yo:

1 year turned to 2,.. 3,4,5,6, and 7
we got hitched, had three kids
I was living an earthly heaven
But oh after the 7th soon came the 8th
You started drinking that Booze :toast:
and stayin out late

Home Alone, that's how I was :(
Me, Myself, and My kids
It still hurts today that wicked crap that you did :cry:

I knew you were getting drunk :toast:
Maybe had a new girl :martian:
When I found that to be true,
it crushed my whole world

I tried to figure out what I did wrong :bawling:
I go to work :geek:
she stays home :sleep:
I go to school :teach:
she stays home :sleep:
I go to church :angel1:
she stays home :sleep: (I've heard of homemaker but Dang)

You know what's really wrong? :nono:
She's got fiftyleven kids :jawdrop:
and he wont take care his own

I mean, does she look better than me?

His brother broke it down one day
He said the B**** looks like
she be chuggin bails of hay...................lmao

It made me feel better but his family and I hurt :flame:
He left at home beautiful treasures
for a trunk full of dirt :confused:

I have no respect for her,
she had a hand in failing my marriage
What she should have been doing
is pulling somebody's carriage

Yeah I want to hurt her
as well as my man yo
I even thought about hiring Tony Soprano....( No body no

But I'm better than that
See GOD made me strong
He was preparing me for something great All along :D

I have learned not to hate
and have learned how to forgive
For they will stand before GOD and an account they will give
I know it wasn't worth it
but I will keep doing well
GOD has been too good to me
to risk going to hell.... :devil:

feeling this one, mannnn i know how u feel,,,,
Thankz Angelic
Yes humor helps me to heal
Yall keep prayin for my I mean strength
angelicsage said:
Sister, I commend you for such a brave piece
and the strength I found in this beyond the
humorous lines (fiftyleven kids- southern numeral)
You are obviously a survivor...
Feeling your work!


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