I-tal Soups

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    Pumpkin Soup

    2 ½ lbs pumpkin
    ½ chocho
    1bs yam
    ½ lbs dashen, malanga, and or potatoe
    ½ lbs boniata
    1lbs of yellow yam
    ½ lbs carrot
    1 whole onion
    2-4 scallions
    ½ lbs
    3 handfuls of Callaloo (spinach or cabbage can be used in stead)
    Plenty of freshly minced garlic
    3-spring thyme
    6-10 whole dry bay leaves
    1 Scotch bonnet pepper
    sea salt to taste if you desire so

    Add all roots, malanga, carrot, dashen, potatoes, etc in a pot and bring to boil with just enough water to barely cover .
    Mean while cook pumpkin in just enough water to barely cover with the lid on for about 30minutes or until puree . You might need to add more water to the roots and that is okay. When roots are done add it to the pumpkin puree and bring more water to the pot about ¾ way full. Add fresh seasonings. Garlic thyme etc… Cover pot and reduce the heat all the way. When the water has stopped boiling you may reduce the heat some more if possible and serve. This meal is best with a salad and or roti.

    Pepper Pot Soup
    Sea salt is optional
    3 cups of water or 2 ½ if coconut milk
    ¼ cup spinach, callaloo, or cabbage
    2-3 bay leaves
    6-8 pimento grains
    ¼ cup of carrot chopped
    ¼ cho cho chopped
    1 large potato chopped
    1 onion
    3 scallions chopped
    4 garlic cloves crushed
    3 spring thyme

    Bring the liquid to a boil. Add callau bay leaves, pimento grains, carrot, chocho coconut. Whole green hot pepper, and potato, and cook until tender.
    Stir and simmer for another 15 minutes

    And the diced hot pepper onion scallions garlic thyme

    Stir and simmer for another 20 minutes

    Serve with salad and or pumpkin bread (any whole meal bread or boiled green banana)

    Creamy Pepper Pot Soup

    Follow all the directions for Pepper Pot Soup only remove the bay leaves and pimento grains
    Puree in a blender
    Return to the heat
    And add about ¼ cup of plain yogurt (not extremely necessary but I like it)…..I use soy milk based yogurt.

    Red Pea Soup
    1lb of Peas (red or other)
    32oz water
    1/4lbs pumpkin
    1 ½ yam (not American sweet yam) white yam, yellow, boniata, or malanga.
    3 crushed scallion (green onion…chives)
    2 Carrots
    Spinner (dumplings) optional.
    4 Bay leaves
    1 garlic clove….
    2 tabbles spoons of oil
    Powdered Garlic
    ¼ sweet yellow pepper or yellow onion
    Pepper…Preferably scotch bonnet or cayenne
    Sea salt is optional
    Soak Beans over night or cook them on stove top till mostly tender. When beans are about twenty minutes from being done add the yams Pimento, Thyme, Garlic, pepper, scallion, yellow pepper/sweet onion. Cook on medium for about ten minutes then add the pumpkin and carrots. Try and smash some of the red peas if they aren’t already crushing into a thick liquid itself. Some people have to actually take a few out a blend. After this Turn on low and simmer until al is tender is tender. ADD WATER AS NECESSARY. This soup tends to get very thick and it’s not necessary. ADD water to fit you own needs and taste. Tips….(1)use more pumpkin than stated and mash down with peas as part of the soup. (2)Add more water. Add dumplins.

    Lentil Soup
    2 cups of Lentils
    8 cups of water or vegetable stock
    1 diced sweet onion
    ½ diced sweet yellow pepper
    2 crushed garlic cloves ( a little bit of powdered garlic as well)
    ½ cup of chopped and crushed scallions
    4 bayleaves

    1 cho cho (IF AVAILIBLE)
    1 hot pepper
    1 ½ tea spoon of sea salt
    2 diced carrots
    4 pinches of dry thyme
    ½ lbs of yams and or potatoes
    2 tsp apple cider or rice vinegar
    ¼ lbs of yams ½ mashed and ½ cut up

    Cook lentils until twenty minutes before done. Add all spices and herbs. Add yams. Potatoes, and cho-cho. Ten minutes later add pumpkin and rest of ingredients. Simmer slowly. Take out hot pepper before serving. Tips….(1)Add a little bit of greens such as spinach. (2) Add water as necessary.
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    i really enjoy soups, i have my shopping list ...:thanks:
    I will indeed let you know how it turns out...
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    I love soup too and never had any of this
    pepper pot soup ......wheeeewww!!
    i don't eat nothing hot with peppers
    but i must try the others

    what are the right meats ???
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    Chef MamaDiaomi specializes in vegetarian cooking, Rich...